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Front Plates for W.A Riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. WA media and police maintain they are finally slamming the skids on
    dangerous motorcyclists – three years after the Government promised to
    fix a legal loophole.

    They also sensationally claim the past five years there have been at least
    90,000 cases of motorcyclists speeding unchecked past Multanovas
    (speed cameras) – avoiding $14 million in fines!!!

    Concerns for biker and to a lesser degree, pedestrian safety, prompted a
    ban on metal front registration plates in the 1990s (wrong - try approx 25
    years ago). This later left WA police unable to identify riders from

    To cover the inadequacies of the current system,WA cops have have
    partnered a traditional Multanova with a video camera that faces the
    opposite way to capture rear licence details.

    WA's top traffic cop, Insp Neil Royle, said 22 motorcyclists had been
    nabbed under the new system since November.

    Insp Royle said it was a good start and proved bikers were no longer
    above the law.

    "We're picking up motorcyclists who in the past had nothing to fear by
    going through Multanovas at some very reckless speeds," he said.

    He predicted another rise in fines against bikers, thanks to recently
    introduced owner onus laws.

    RAC WA spokesman David Moir said the numberplate issue should be a
    priority – and it was time the Government got its act together.

    "It's not rocket science to design a plate that suits a variety of
    motorcycles," Mr Moir said.

    "You only have to take a drive to see motorcyclists have little fear of
    getting caught speeding."

    WA's Police Minister Michelle 'horse' Roberts denied dropping the ball on
    the issue, saying WA would be part of a national approach to plate
    designs when finalised.

    She was monitoring Victorian trials of alternatives to metal plates, such as
    stickers, decals and rubber-mounted models

  2. I see you've been visiting the MRAA forums Kishy.
    This is old news to us informed members of the biking community...do try and keep up lad. LMAO.
  3. all the same its a load of horse poo!

    I'll freely admit to any judge or copper that I keep about 5 ~ 10kph above that of cars to stay the hell away from them.

    Some people fail to understand that in a lot of cases for us bikers - speed helps us get away from bad situations.

    but as normal only riders understand these kind of things. :p