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Front Plates for Vic Riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. The Victorian Govt may force bikers to attach front number plates to stop
    them evading speed camera fines and CityLink highway tolls.

    VicRoads wants to test adhesive rubber bracket designs so motorbikes
    can be better identified.

    Motorcycles in Victoria (along with the rest of Oz) have not had front
    identification since standard metal plates were removed about 20 years
    ago because they were considered amongst other reasons, dangerous in

    They cannot be identified by speed cameras taking shots from the front.

    Police, supposidly concerned about the rise in motorcycle deaths over the
    past few years, are pushing for the reintroduction of front number plates.

    At the moment, motorcyclists ride the CityLink highway network free and
    operator Transurban is keen to bring them under the video tolling system.

    The adhesive number plate plan will cost up to $14 million, according to a
    VicRoads report.

    It is undecided who would pay if the plan goes ahead -- the motorcyclists
    or the State Government, through VicRoads.

    A report to VicRoads by consultants Oxford Systematics said an adhesive
    front number plate or decal was the best option.

    Author Dr Marcus Wigan said it would cost $13.8 million to fit Victoria's
    98,000 registered motorcycles, including the time spent by riders meeting
    the new requirements.

    Motorcycle Riders As sociation president Alex Money said he was
    concerned riders would pay for a measure which would have minimal
    effect on safety.

    "Why don't police just turn their speed cameras around?" he said.

    "How is it justified to spend $14 million on this sort of thing?"

    Mr Money said bikers were angry over the Government's $50 TAC levy
    and would strongly oppose front number plates.

    Opposition transport spokesman Terry Mulder said the front ID measure
    should be funded from the rampant increase in speed camera revenue.

    Matt Phelan, a spokesman for Transport Minister Peter Batchelor, said the
    Government would await the research results before taking any action.
  2. I wont say I told you so mate.
  3. So riders pay, so that citylink can charge them and making it more dangerous makes is safer.

    Please tell me that if you ever see steve bracks you will slap him good
  4. <sacasm>Well clearly citylink is going to fund the plot, the money they would make over one year would clearly be paid back in the millions of motorcyclists using citylink for free. I say good job too, nobody should get something for free. Motorcyclists should pay for the heavy damage they cause our roads.</sacasm>
    Hrrmm wait.. I should be a polly.... blah blah blah safety blah blah blah research blah blah blah levy...

    Rubber number plates are soo going to stop drivers changing into my lane.... safety my arse!
  5. Slow news day?
    This has all been covered previously. :roll:
  6. Going to give us the plates are they, dont bloody think so.
    Speed cameras do 2/5 ths of F/A towards the road toll, they are just another form of TAX collection.
  7. pfft, i'll just make my bike a streetfighter and then watch to see if they can find a place to attach it.
  8. Spot on the mark.. there a some bikes that dont even have a spot to put the damn thing. And seriously how ugly is it going to look stuck to the screen.. :evil:
  9. Screen? I wish! It is a good point though, can't see anywhere on the Spada they could fit it. It would look butt ugly as well. If it reduces the aerodynamics I'm going to send them my fuel bill :p
  10. I don't think the screen would be an option anyway, bikers could argue that it reduces visibility when you are leaning down on the tank.
  11. My bike is soooo tuff....it comes standard with a place to put a front number plate. Yeah, don't i feel cool. Ha

    I think there are only two things motivating this proposal.

    1. Coppers finding it hard to keep taps on bikes.(don't they always end up behind us anyway)

    2. Hey Mr Bracks I think i've found another way to rip more money out of the states people. Don't worry sir we won't stop till they are all broke and there's only a hand full of billionares that can afford to live happily ever after with no commoners around to bother them.

    sorry about that, got a little carried away.
  12. I guess you haven't seen the ugly prototype sticker that goes on the front of your forks....
  13. Kishy, Alex Money was the MRA president back in 2003 and has had nothing to do with them since then. Where are you getting this crap and why are you posting it as if it is actually news?
  14. If they make it compulsory to get front plates are we actually gonna do it? If every rider in VIC (or OZ) didnt do it, and if it came to it, didnt pay their fine if they got one, then what can the gov really do?

    Ah... i think im dreaming actually. They would prob try fk us over 10 fold if something like that happened.

    BTW Port80. We do pay for city link. A few years ago they bumped our reg up to include city link costs, regardless of wether we use it or not. (so ive been told).
  15. Kishy if you want to know the most up to date info mation why not attended the MRA board meeting this Tuesday OR contact Michael Czajka he will be able to let you know whats going on.
  16. or when tucking in doing a high speed run :mad:
  17. Just reach over & cover half of the plate with ya hand & there
    will be no charge :grin:
  18. Kishy, do us a favour and throw out any newspaper in your house more than 4 years old. :wink:
  19. I was under the impression that speed camera's were only legally allowed to take photo's of a vehicle moving AWAY from them anyhow? I seem to remember it an ACA(so it must be true) in a story about beating speeding fines.
  20. Try again. [-X

    Article was from Mar 29, 2004 (2 yrs ago) :butt: :LOL: