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Front numberplates

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Senator17, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Vic roads anounced today that from 1 July 2014, all Victorian motorcyclists will need to have a sticker made of their number plate and affixed to the front of the riders helmet. Stickers can be ordered as of today at a cost of $19.95. The fine for not displaying the sticker after 1 July 2014 is $904.00. They suggest that you start ordering your stickers ealry to avoid delays closer to the introduction date. Order your's soon at your nearest Vic roads branch.

  2. You do know it's after mid day
  3. You do realise that an April Fools joke made after mid-day is a joke on the joker... :p
  4. Doh! Beaten by a whisker!
  5. Is that whisker on a blindfolded cat or a cat with un-buttered bread on it?
  6. Both: A whisher on a blindfolded cat with unbuttered bread on it! ;)
  7. And here I was getting outraged and thought they were serious.
    Vic Helmet.
    I must learn how to put a link into my sessages, this is actually AMCN's April fools joke, they post somehting that looks like a serous article eash year and put 1 April somwhere in the article to let the canny reader know it's actually an April fools joke. Problem is that the road authrorities are just stupid enough to come up sith something like this. Oh yeah, I know it's after midday, but I found the article late, but I stull thought it was funny.
  8. Oh, also didn't see anyone else post an April fools joke, so I thought I'd better get one on here.
  9. My son shared the same article on FB and thought it was serious. Damn I thought I'd brought him up to be smarter than that.
  10. I posted something that looked like a serious question on the Dumb Ass Questions thread. Two people seemed to take it somewhat seriously. I'm not sure if they realise it was an April Fools joke yet... ;)
  11. A bloke at work thought this was real. Took a lot of convincing to get him to think otherwise.
    Should've made a bet.
  12. What would've been a better April Fools joke is a story saying the government wouldn't comment on allegations of FNP stickers on helmets being on the cards.
  13. on a serious note, motorcycles should have front numberplates
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  14. Go and search the forum for this topic. It has been done to death many times before, and always with the same outcome. Your statement comes from a car-centric mind. Cars and bikes are VERY different machines, and car-centric minds get people KILLED on motorcycles!

    By stating what you have just said, you're showing yourself to know sweet fcuk all about the topic, you're a troll, or possibly both. If you try to start this topic here, the mods will probably give you the same message as I'm giving you now, and they will probably lock the thread.

    Don't bother trying to argue your point (you'll be talking to my hand). Go and read and become educated.
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  15. pwned. Seriously, is it that easy?
  16. I've seen Justus and smee do it enough times to know the general formula of a "search the forums and become educated" response. I'm just a midget standing on the shoulders of a couple of giants. ;)
  17. Jokes forum Justus :)
  18. Just so I understand, are saying:

    doesn't mean:

    because it's in the jokes forum?

    I saw no indications (eg: emoticons, "LOL", " hehehe" etc) to suggest that it was supposed to mean anything other than:

    Was there something I missed somewhere?
  19. Don't even kid!
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  20. Because kidding about this topic is really baaaaaaaaaaaad... :ROFLMAO: