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Front Number Plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vic, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. We are getting closer and closer to wearing transponders each and every day.

    Speeding bikers beat the cameras
    EXCLUSIVE: Dennis Shanahan, Political editor | September 15, 2009
    Article from:  The Australian
    A NATIONAL police commissioners' plan to force motorcyclists to wear front number plates has been dumped after 10 years' study, at a direct cost of almost $500,000 and millions more lost in government revenues.
    For almost 30 years, motorcyclists have been able to thumb their noses at speed cameras - sometimes travelling at more than double the speed limit - because they have not had to display front number plates for safety reasons.
    States are forgoing an estimated $2million a year each in revenue from fines as motorcycles evade detection on speed cameras.
    The latest report from Victoria's Road Safety and Transport group said this month that "identifying vehicles engaged in illegal acts, such as speeding or travelling through red lights at intersections, is a significant issue for enforcement agencies".
    Some motorcyclists also escape detection from cameras that shoot the offenders by covering their rear licence plates.
    Others flaunt their immunity by doing wheelies past police cameras.
    Some offenders are caught only when they are identified by the tattoos on their arms.
    Last year, NSW police arrested a motorcyclist who allegedly sped past police cameras near the Spit Bridge in Sydney more than 2000 times while covering his rear number plate with his hand to avoid detection. The motorcyclist was finally arrested and charged with 62 offences after a policeman recognised his clothing and motorbike and saw him speed past a camera with a hand over his rear plate. The motorcyclist lost 200 demerit points and was fined $7500.
    Last night, West Australian Police Minister Rob Johnson told The Australian: "I don't believe anyone, motorcyclists, car or truck drivers, should be able to speed past a camera with impunity and continually put their own and other people's lives at risk."
    In 2000, all police commissioners asked for a study to put front licence plates back on motorcycles because police believed riders were speeding because they would not be caught.
    Front plates were removed after injuries to riders and pedestrians and because the plates affected air flow and steering.
    According to Freedom of Information documents obtained by the Pedestrian Council of Australia, the study, conducted by Victorian transport authorities, found it was possible to use a system of stick-on plates or a mounting. However a method suitable for every existing motorcycle could not be found.
    The study, ordered by the Australian Transport Council, which includes all transport ministers, went from 2002 to 2007 and cost taxpayers $419,980.
    In March this year the Standing Committee on Transport decided not to proceed with the idea of front number plates and handed responsibility to the Queensland government to investigate electronic methods of identifying motorcycles from the roadside.
    Last night a spokesman for federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said the Australian Transport Council had not considered the issue while he was minister.
    The director of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby, said that "one motorcyclist can break the law more than 2000 times is proof positive the system is a farce".
    Mr Johnson said Western Australia was now leading the way with technology to get around the lack of number plates on motorcycles, with trials of dual lens cameras that photograph vehicles from both the front and rear.

  2. 200 demerit points haha
  3. Welcome to Netrider, where we whinge even if we win :roll:.
  4. I love it how the emphasis is on "lost revenue". Nowhere do they mention that by placing front number plates on motorbikes lives would be saved (because its a crock of sh*t and they wouldn't have been).

    Police and the legislature make me want to puke.

    Also, I liked this one "The motorcyclist lost 200 demerit points and was fined $7500".

    Demerit points are accumulated, not lost. Merit meaning good, de-merit meaning bad, therefore the more you have the worse you've been. Learn how the system works before writing about it Dennis Shanahan.

    Ok I feel a lot better now after getting that off my chest...

    Have a pleasant day people :LOL:
  5. How is that a win???

    Did you miss this bit??

    In March this year the Standing Committee on Transport decided not to proceed with the idea of front number plates and handed responsibility to the Queensland government to investigate[size=18][b] electronic methods of identifying motorcycles from the roadside.[/b][/size] 
    Whinge? abso-fcuken-lutely!!!
  6. But Vic if they go down the RFID route - it will be for all vehicles - not just motorcycles. Car drivers will have to fight it.

    You shouldn't be upset about that. The heats now off us :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Its a win in my books......
  7. We're still one up on cars? Though really vic, if something does get developed and implemented, it'd be applied to all vehicles, not just bikes.

    It's a damn shame that some people can't take 4 seconds out of their day to slow down for a head on camera.

    EDIT: beaten D:
  8. Upset? nah, not me. I'm livid.

    I bet the Guinea Pigs are motorcyclists.

    4 wheeled vehicles will argue that they wear a plate front and rear.

    My guard is up around my head, where is your guard? dropped again?
  9. It'll eliminate errors with cameras being blocked, unreadable plates etc. We'll be the guinea pigs but really its just a matter of time.
  10. The heat is never off us.
    Always maintain your guard ffs.
    The amount of "measures that have been dropped on us by stealth astounds me yet you want to breathe easy again? :roll:
  11. RFID ey... nothing a lead box can't fix???
  12. It will be cars first because the original trials in the UK and Qld found they weren't reliable for motorcycles. They had heat and vibration issues.

    We knew a year ago that the plate trials hadn't worked. I think we need to campaign for RFID, reflective vests and RBT for all pedestrians - Scuby can be the guinea-pig!
  13. mmmm, the australian must have been short of material that day.

    lets look at the facts shall we:

    dennis shannahan, one of the most disrespected journalists working for dear old rupert murdoch ( that says a lot people! ), who swears john howard can still win the 2007 election in 2009. this guy invented the word troll well before its current usage on internet forums. you could say he is the original troll in journalism. has as much credibility as harold scruby ( see next entry )

    pedestrian council of australia: "one man and a fax", is how this "organisation" has been described. aformentioned organiser/man is one harold scruby, who would turn up at the opening of a paper bag if it mean getting his name in print. claims to represent pedestrians and australia but is merely some annoying tit who lives in the mosman area and owns a 4wd. constantly sends out press releases claiming absolute crap about everyone, from kite flyers to fly fisherman and that they are endangering this very nation by their mere existence. best ignored just as the sign says "dont feed the trolls". has not contributed anything to planet earth and would be best taken out by a slow moving garbage truck.
  14. Well the sensationalist headline today reads:


    "Motorcyclists keep speed camera immunity"

    I didn't bother reading the comments, but I can just imagine the responses.

    The heat is not off, I don't think it ever will be.

    Keep fighting!

    (Edit: the title came from RSS feed, for some reason looks like it changed on the actual article - point still stands)
  15. :WStupid:

    and yes i liked the part that say the governement is losing money so we need to find a way to charge those motocycles :LOL:
  16. FFS - OK Vic and Smee - just because whatever I say is wrong :? :p

    So motorcycles will be the guinea pigs? Vic, what a crazy statement. That's a Victim Statement. Why are do we always have to make the "we are Victims" call?

    The FNP debate was opposed from day one because we opposed something being stuck on the front of our bikes.

    RFID is already being trialled - Ken Lay had one fitted to his car last year.

    Let's all have a big whinge with Vic........ FFS this is a Victory (skeptics may disagree).

    Now its everyone's problem - now the cars drivers need to debate RFID - the motorcycle witch hunt is now over. Can we all accept that fact :?
  17. It's the end of one fight - and the likely beginning of another...
  18. letters@theaustralian.com.au

  19. Why are you guys not ll over the fact that the report is more concerened about lost revenue not about safety?
    You guys should be all over that like a rash.
    Talk about lost opportunities.
  20. Could someone please explain to me how a front numberplate changes this?
    If they have a rear facing camera then a front number plate doesn’t address the issue at all. And if someone is willing to cover there plate, then they are probably willing to do something to the RFID transmitter as well.