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Front Number Plates ... at a federal level

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. This time it's a federal level ....

    Refer: http://www.ministers.dotars.gov.au/ja/releases/2004/November/joint2_2004.htm

    Note: ATC (Australian Transport Council) is made up of (only) the commonwealth and state based transport ministers.

    "Australia's transport ministers have endorsed a new National Road Safety Action Plan for 2005 and 2006, which sets out a series of measures for governments to adopt to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads.

    The Australian Transport Council (ATC), which consists of the Australian, state and territory transport and roads ministers, endorsed the plan today. It was released by the Acting Prime Minister, John Anderson, and the Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads, Jim Lloyd.

    Mr Lloyd said the Government's objective was to reduce the national road fatality rate from 9.3 deaths per 100,000 people to no more than 5.6 deaths per 100,000 by 2010.

    "We have reduced the fatality rate substantially since 2000, but we need to do more. Every death on our roads is a tragedy, and every death on our roads is avoidable," Mr Lloyd said.

    "An important aim of the new action plan is to introduce the 'Safe System' concept as an overarching framework for guiding decisions on road safety issues. This systems-based approach emphasises the way the different elements of the road transport system combine and interact with the behaviour of road users to reduce the number of crashes," he said.

    Mr Anderson said the measures put forward in the plan focused on improving the safety of our roads, reducing speeding, making vehicles safer and helping Australians drive better.

    "In addition, the Australian Government will invest $12.5 billion in Australia's roads and railways over the next five years under AusLink, our visionary land transport plan. Our investment will build better, safer roads across the whole country," Mr Anderson said.

    The measures set out in the National Road Safety Action Plan for 2005 and 2006 include:

    * The maintenance and extension of the Australian and state government black spot programmes. The Australian Government has already announced that we will extend the National Black Spot Programme for a further two years, from 2006-07 to 2007-08, at a cost of $90 million;
    * The implementation of the AusRAP system, which will assess roads according to the risk of serious crashes and provides a 'star' rating;
    * The introduction of frontal identification for motorcycles;
    * The selective extension of 40 kilometre per hour urban speed limits to more areas of high pedestrian activity;
    * Accelerating the introduction of audible seat belt warning devices for all new vehicles;
    * An investigation of the potential for in-vehicle technology to improve compliance with speed limits, such as changes to speedometer displays and maximum speed limiting. However, the Australian Government will not mandate the installation of this equipment;
    * Examining the case for daytime running lights on all new vehicles;
    * The more extensive use of alcohol interlock programmes to change the behaviour of repeat drink-driving offenders; and
    * The introduction of a large scale trial for a national, compulsory driver education scheme for all new provisional licence holders. The Australian Government will work with the states and territories to roll the scheme out nationally by 2007.
  2. I did some quick "googling" to try to ascertain which countries use front number plates. My first hit was a vic roads report. The abstract states

    "The requirement for front number plates has not been in operation in almost all countries of the world for between 15 and 20 years, and motorcycle design no longer provides for it."

    Why must we be the "special-ones" The idea's just too d1cky!

    Anyone got better info on which countries do implement it? I couldn't.

    The Vic Toad article is titled "Visual Front Motorcycle Number Identification - suitable for photographic camera detection" The funny thing is the sub-titles in smaller font. What is it you guys say, something to do with revenue and raising???? Me and my short term memory. :roll:
  3. i was under the impression that no countries have implented front identification for motorcycles...
  4. So do we know if the VMU orr the MRAA have a plan to deal with this crap yet??? :shock:
  5. I could have sworn there was a FNP page in the Issue section of the MRAA website but it appears to have been removed and a number of others added. It was a pretty hot topic at the start of the year and I believe that the unofficual word coming out of VicRoads was its not going to happen. Guess the Feds had a different idea, this should be nice and expensive to implement for new and exisiting bikes.
  6. There goes the loss of this distinction between cars and motorcyles, as our visiblty is lost in a sea of headlights. :x

    Some may debate the effectiveness of daytime headlights on bikes.
    Regardless, whilst i am piloting my cage, i certainly appreciate it!
  7. I'll just put mine next to the rego label!!
    That's on the fridge....
  8. ummm
    I always thought that Vicroads were the major drivers behind this..
    they had the 1st reports done (see Vicroads website)
    and then got WA involved, then SA had the plod bike riders do trials
    (even though they were illegal)
    I reckon the bike manufacturers now need to stand up
    and say.....NO WAY
    the mods required to bikes for this insanity, ain't worth it!
    maybe our Fed transport Minister, John Anderson might get the idea
    if he has to walk around his country property (FNPs WILL apply to recreational bikes and ATVs)

    my 2c
  9. bloody politicians...
    OUR taxes on fuels will raise more than $38BILLION in the next 5 years
    (source Fed Treasury) and it is a big deal (VISIONARY even!) to the pollies to give $12billion back.... :evil:
    and $90 million for blackspots?...could be spent only in Vic
    and still wouldn't fix things here (let alone the rest of the country)

    these clowns who play with lives, have absolutely no idea

    rant over...


  10. :eek: ok then, speaking of front identification and all that...what happens when you get zapped by a speed camera in front of you??
    66 in a 60!! Thought I was ok till I got a fine in the mail the other day...doesn't stop the cop from taking your number as you slow down to pass him! Although I would like to see the photo...borrow a lid and jacket and hey presto, that must have been somebody else!
    1st fine in 10 years too...
    but that's life :roll:
  11. ShittyStink is the one screaming for FNP. It's easier for them to jump up and down and demand the puppets that make up Spring street implement them.
    They claim that it will be for the safety of riders. Use your plate to knock the heads off drivers that cut you off. Thats all the safety they will provide.

    PrickToads, ShityStink and Batchelor are the ones that need a rocket. Greedy fcukers!!!!!!

    VMAC needs to stand up and start yelling their opposition to this lunacy.
    Will Honda, Kawasaki, Hardly Rideable, Suz.....Suzu.....oh you know, be willing to modify their design just to suit Batchelor and Bracks wank theory? Doubt it.

    Bring on the State Erection and lets rid this State of these PRICKS!!!!!!!!!!

    There, that feels better, WHAT!!! my vodka is empty!!!! Wife not home, WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD?!?!?!?!?!
  12. mmmm what you said too...safety in numbers...of dollars!
  13. FNP's were in operation in India while I was there.
  14. At the recent Geelong Motorcycle Safety Forum, those who were supposedly "in the know" regarding this and many other issues relating to motorcycling stated that the issue of "frontal identification on motorcycles" whilst having been discussed, was not viable/likely in the forseeable future.

    Given the range/type of motorcycles currently registered and the diversity of configurations etc, the "powers that be" have not been able to come up with a viable way of "affixing" frontal identification.

    No doubt it'll eventually happen, but lets hope it's still a long way off.
  15. VMAC (Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council) should be the correct outlet for this. It is an advisory group to Batchelor made up of motorcycle industry reps, motorcycling groups, etc.

    Unfortunately I've been saying for years that Batchelor just ignores this group when he wants to .. either that or VMAC secretly approves and recommends such things as $50 levy and FNP's. VMAC is an innefectual groups that largely gets laughed at and ignored .. self evident by this announcement for the latest example.

    Contact VMAC via vmac@roads.vic.gov.au to voice your opinion on this.

    Refer http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrne...CFCCA256EC900144F7D?open&Area=[Motorcyclists] for details on VMAC
  16. It wont happen.
  17. The MRAA has already written to John Anderson and his opposition counterpart in relation to this issue. At the Geelong safety forum Linda Ivett from Vic Roads stated she knew nothing of FNP trials and swore that Citystink had SFA to do with the push for FNP.

    Gavin (ex treasurer) recently wrote an email to Anderson in regards to FNP. His reply was that basically FNP's would stop motorcyclists speeding and hence we would be far safer as a result.

    Politicians logic so make of that what you will.
  18. I hate to show you this but:
    *image tags deleted*
    taken when I was in Singapore last.
    You can see their e-tags as well :(
    Some (like the one at the back) have it across the forks, some bolted on to the fairing,
    but most have it in the cheese cutter configuration.

  19. I think that Singapore is the only county in the world that have FNP's...also, the bikes that have them are the older vintage type bikes.

    Not sure what affect the plates that are across the forks have on the more modern bikes but they are almost smaller cc bikes.....be interesting to find out considering the high temperature and humidity that they experience up there.
  20. And as per normal, none of the 3 monkeys that run transport, Bracks, Batchelor, Hastings/Shuey (which clown is it?) can adequately explain how they'll save our arses.

    A few months ago my brother came off his bike coz some wanker decided to turn in front of him. I'd like one of the three monkeys to explain to me how an FNP would have helped him out.

    FYI - He ended up with a torn calf muscle and is back riding.

    Dollars, yens and deutschemarks...hopefully they choke on them. :twisted: