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Front Number Plates - Again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by blaringmike, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Ok, so after following this front number plates joke for the last few months it was good too see that it had died off and it looked like it wasn't going to happen. Then today I got my Two Wheels mag in the mail and the Editorial was whining about how front number plates are coming to get us.

    I remember reading in a previous post that this idea had been canned. Can someone please tell me. Is this guy just a million years behind everyone else or has this issue had a new development?
  2. Jeez mate.

    The editor is NOT a million years behind, he's doing what a lot of us aren't and that's getting the word out there about this stupid proposal! It has NOT been canned, it is still very much a possibility. If we let it die down then there is more of a chance that it will be sprung upon us when we;re least expecting it! :evil:
  3. +1 Dougz
    It's called a sly fook, they'll slip anything into us when they think we have our guard down.
  4. Still very much on Queensland Transports agenda, and Victoria, i believe its been squashed in NSW and TAS.
  5. Thats interesting. I thought it had been rejected by VIC. But that may of been a misunderstanding.
  6. Victoria has not "officially" canned it but it's going through the motions so to speak.
  7. if they go on with it.i think we should take a leaf from the melbourne taxi drivers. :evil:
  8. Bring it on.

    As long as they come up with a way of getting a front plate on my bike that will not affect it aerodynamically, I'm happy to carry a front plate.

    I'll even pay the $13 odd dollars it costs for a new plate.

    Then when we are all fitted with front plates they'll complain that we all need to have RFID devices on our bikes.

    Big Brother isn't just a fcuked up show on Channel 10 ;)
  9. Yes the taxi drivers got what they wanted, and they got it inside of 24 hours.

    There is much to be learnt from their effective and immediate action.
  10. Still alive in NSW, according to their media. In fact, it goes to a national
    Standing Committee of Transport, which is the national council of
    Ttransport Ministers, so no state is exempt atm.

    Guy Stanford from the NSW Motorcycle Council has made recent
    comments about the topic.

    Link to the document: http://www.allmoto.com/frontplates.pdf

    I doubt its been hit on the head for any state because there is a
    national push to bring this in.

    Guy Allen (Bikepoint) has also written a recent article on the topic.

    This will be national. By 2009, your motorcycle is likely to have a front
    numberplate, even though most of the rest of the world manages without

    That's the result of a draft regulatory impact statement authored by Vic

    The organisation has been working on the issue at the behest of a
    national council of transport ministers.

    Testing of prototype plates has been completed and a final design for the
    laser-cut plastic identifiers, which are the same size as current rear
    plates, has been arrived at.

    Three main types of mounting have been identified: adhesive fixing to a
    fairing or windscreen, bracket mounting above or below the headlight,
    and unspecified custom mounts. Estimated respective costs are $25, $70
    and up to $150.

    It is expected that state road registration authorities will bear the cost of
    the plates for the 540,000 registered bikes nationally which will need to
    be retro-fitted, but not for the mounting. New bikes will be charged for the

    Vic Roads estimates the initial fit-out of the national fleet will cost $22.1
    million in 2009, $13.5 million of which will be covered by road authorities
    and the remainder of which will be borne by owners.

    An additional $10 million is expected to be spent on a national
    propaganda campaign to support the move.

    The report claims there will be a 2-4 per cent reduction in motorcycle
    road trauma as a result of the change, mostly due to a reduction in
    speeding because of the increased chance of being nabbed by a speed

    It also claims that approximately 49 per cent of motorcycles detected
    speeding are currently not identified because of the lack of front

    Few countries in the world (India and Singapore are among them)
    currently use front plates.

    Web: vicroads.vic.gov.au
  11. I hope it never comes- my old RD350 (76) had a front number plate. I was a youngster and asked the local copper if I had to display it. He replied "not required by law, and looks gumby"
    I don't want my bike looking gumby...
  12. I tell you what this had kind of slipped off the radar a bit and I think its what the pollies were hoping for. Now they can plan it and have their committees behind closed doors then come out one day and say tomorrow you have to all have front number plates.

    If this does go any further and you Melbourne blokes have a protest ride I'll try and get down with some other ACT boys to protest. Once one state allows it they will all follow.
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  14. That Draft RIS is a joke right?

    From the small amount that i have read they are able to quantify the amount of lives saved by a piece of plastic on the front of a motorcycle

    ("It is considered that realistically the introduction of front
    . identifiers would reduce speed related motorcyclist road trauma by between 2% to 4%
    or $188 million to $376 million over 10 years. In human terms, it means that over the
    10 year period, the lives of between 25 and 50 motorcyclists would be saved and
    between 500 and 1,000 motorcyclists would avoid serious injury."
    - Page7)

    But they then go on to state that training programs are less favourable because on top of the cost, it is apparently "almost impossible to quantify" the benefits of driver training.

    ("In addition, the benefits of such intensive training are almost impossible to quantify.
    Attempts to quantify the benefits of driving training have failed over many years
    because, statistically, fatal and serious injury crashes are rare and the control group
    can never be sufficiently large to statistically prove the case for training."
    - Page20

    What kind of a morons comes up with this stuff? The above statement would tend to be in stark contradiction to the reasons for establishing the Learner Training scheme for motorcyclist's..... That or the learner training schemes aren't helping motorcyclist's stay alive in clearly quantifiable ways.

    The thing that annoys me the most about all of these stupid suggestions is that they constantly cite "excessive speed" as being the main problem that they are trying to solve, but constantly fail to address the fact that the term "excessive speed" is used to describe speeds that are below the posted speed limit - but still above what someone reviewing an accident might class as appropriate for the given conditions. Fixed cameras (and front number plates by implication) will never fix problems of this kind; for fairly obvious reasons.

    Why is it that only incompetent morons ever end up with this sort of power over legislation?
  15. Monkeys fcukin monkeys are in control!!!

    fcuk them and their fcuking fcuked comittees. FFS what do gooding fcuking wanker fcuk with an oversized fcuking ego decides that they know best for the fcuking riders of the country, when it is absofcukenlutely clear that they have never even sat their fat fcuking arse on or near a fcuking bike on a fcuking show room floor let alone on a bike on the fcuking road.

    This is clearly a thinly veiled plot by the fcuking monkeys in power to sap more fcuking money out of a fcuking harmless minority in way that the rest of the clueless dipshits of this fcuking great land will look over and sign off on with out a fuss with their usual appathetic fcuking attitude. fcuk me.

    To summarise and save yourself from reading that rant... :furious:

    *Nominated* Most useless post of the year.
  16. I heard a rumour that if you owned a sports car (ie a Lamborghini) then you do not have to display your front number plate, as they haven't been designed to have one.

    I haven't been able to find any mentioned in the road rules about this, but shouldn't you then be able to argue the same for motorbikes?
  17. Couldn't of said it better myself :LOL:
  18. I want a front number plate. :)

    because I'd like to nail it to John Brumby's face.