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VIC Front number plates....again....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by brokey, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. From the Netrider list....

    I saw an interesting tender for VicRoads in the Herald Sun today and have
    just found it on the VicRoads website. It sounds like the front number
    plates might be back on the agenda and it seems like they might be about to start trialling some. The details of the tender are:

    Contract No: 6198
    Contract Type: Request for Tender
    Title: Testing Motorcycle Numberplate Decals
    Closing Date: 09/03/2005
    Advertised Date: 09/02/2005

    Testing of motor cycle number plate decals for application and retention
    characteristics along with readability following accelerated weathering
    routines consisting of exposure to UV, salt spray, high pressure water and
    grit impact in addition to thermal cycling. Testing facilities are required
    to have NATA, ISO or another international testing facility accreditation or
    ISO 9000 series certification.

  2. I see from the same site that Vicroads is also looking for tenders to do a survey on the number of unregistered vehicles travelling on Victoria's roads. Now it might just be me but shouldn't Vicroads be more concerned with getting unregistered/unroadworthy vehicles off the road (ie booking rather than counting them) and less concerned with whether or not bikes have a front numberplate?
  3. Now that's just crazy talk.
  4. Imagine...

    It's 1 January 2006. All Victorian motorcycles must display a front number plate decal in a visible position, or the registered owner will receive a $500 fine.

    Joe Biker receives his decal in the mail, strolls to his garage then spends the rest of the day trying to work out how to apply the decal to his streetfighter.

    You know it's going to happen...
  5. What is ridiculous about all this is the amount of money that is being spent on this (something in the range of $14 mill) and that there are many more cars out there with altered/defective plates. But then again, why do we bother trying to point out these things to those in power??? :roll:
  6. Joe then realises that as his streetfighter has nowhere to put it on, he must go to a vicroads office to buy an 'official' fitment piece for his bike, costing $38 + gst. However, since the 1st is a Saturday he can't go, so must wait until it opens after the holidays... Has to call in sick to work as the bike is his only transport and can't get to work without it (and being law abiding doesn't want to ride illegally)

    The first open day he heads down, gets the fitment piece, and heads home. On the way he is stopped for not having a plate and when telling the police officer that he has the bracket the officer says should not be riding until it is installed as it is unsafe. $500 fine. (total cost now 538 plus time off work and fuel)

    Gets home. realises that the fitment piece also doesn't fit properly, gives up on riding, and decides to buy a horse.

    Is that what you had in mind?
  7. The Government's already thought of this, they'd expect the sticker to be placed vertically on the front left fork - then they can book you for having an obscured plate when it becomes covered in road grime, dead bugs and brake dust.
  8. and which will be interesting as antidive mechanism on front forks
    takes up a lot of space...leaving oh about 50mm on fork from antidive stuff to mudguard
    these decals gotta be small..... :shock:
  9. No way in the world that I'd be paying $600 tax and then riding around with crappy stickers on the front of my bike.
  10. There has been talk of a see through refelctive sticker being placed over the headlight to accommodate lack of placement areas on some bikes, and an area that is common to all bikes. Not necessarily viable though.

  11. Any word out of the MRAA, VMU or others?
  12. Try the www.mraa.org.au or http://www.vmu.org.au/ sites
    They might be able to tell you more from their perspectives.
  13. bwahahahahahahahaha :LOL: :LOL:

    i reckon good on em. nothing like a complete waste of taxpayer money on a scheme thats doomed to fail despite the massive outlay of time and money.

    big thumbs up to the GENIARSE what thunk this little gem up eh. by the time they've worked out a plan to cover the VAST number of different bikes out there and their custom variables, it'll be somewhere near the middle of the century, fossil fuels wont exist to power our bikes and those of us that didn't get vaporised in WW3 by angry pygmies that developed nuclear weapons wont reallly give much of a damn anyways.....

    the system works :D
  14. So what this says is that they still want to go ahead with it, but haven't worked out how to make it work?
    It's disappointing that this whole sham hasn't been dropped by now, but it looks like they've still got a long way to go before implementing it.
    Remember, they're behind in the polls right now, and while I'm no fan of conservative politics I wouldn't mind seeing these clowns out on their arses.
  15. Spent a few seconds looking but didn't see a reference in either. Has anyone actually heard anything or is there a statement released I missed?
  16. Don't get suckered into thinking this is a Vic state thing. It's a federal/national objective being pushed through via the Victorian government. Don't forget that the Victorian Govt was the first in the western world to introduce compulsory seat belts laws in 1970. It's being puppeterred once again for motorcycle front number plates.

    http://www.ministers.dotars.gov.au/ja/releases/2004/November/joint2_2004.htm is the federal/national announcement on the national road safety action plan with a specific mention of motorcycle front number plates.
  17. It will happen, because:

    - nobody with the power to stop it has any reason to stop it,

    - riders aren't an influential enough group in the community to affect the decision, and

    - the general public will be happy because these days the "average Australian" resents anyone who's got something they don't (immunity from 50% of speed cameras, free use of CityLink...).
  18. Maybe they'll be frighten off by the risk of lawsuits from accidents blamed upon their adoption.
  19. It will never happen, its completely unworkable. You cant stick it on the fork leg, USD's? You cant stick it on the fairing, naked bikes? You can put a plate on the front to stick it on, cooling? pedestrian safety? Its completely unworkable. They will however continue to waste tax payers money trying, in vain, to find a way. I wouldnt suggest we waste anytime worrying about because it wont happen.