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VIC Front Number Plates - AGAIN!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Cambo, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. OMFG. Retard!! ](*,) No it's 30 (actually 32) times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than other road users IF they get into an accident!!! Not 32 times more likely to get into an accident causing serious injury or death! Get your bloody facts straight!
  2. I've said it before, I'll say it again:

    I find it wonderful that the mentally disabled can find work in today's world, but I will never understand how it came to be that they all end up in the government.
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  3. Yet the percentage of speed related accidents for motorcycles was never mentioned...
  4. So how's that new government working out for you guys?
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  5. Money grab, it's always a money grab. They don't give two shits about our safety, they're just pissed off because they can't fine us.


    However, it's a stupid argument anyway. At any speed, who is more likely to survive in an accident - the guy surrounded by 1.5 tonne of engineered safety barrier, or the guy surrounded by the ex-arse of a cow? If we crash on a motorcycle, we're far more likely to die than if we were in a cage. All riders know this, we are all ok with this - so ****ing leave us alone!
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  6. Just as retarded as the last.
  7. from the article cambo posted
    what they don't say is that the bike toll is decreasing fairly steadily, despite bike numbers increasingly markedly
    that doesn't show that the figure for 2010 was 34
  8. Hmmm. Uhh. Factual error on the part of the journo. Citylink's had front-and-rear capability since before I lived in Melbourne, back in 2006. When they first made the etag system, years before that, it was front-facing only because there's no point sending a bill to the trailer towed by a truck. Then they added the rear-facing cameras but chose not to toll bikes.

    Edit: That is assuming, of course, Citylink's operators didn't just add those rear-facing cameras because they thought it'd look cool and they're just fancy props and not actual cameras at all... :-k

    IIRC the proportion of unidentifiable cars from the front was actually higher than the number of unidentifiable bikes from the front, too. We had the statistics the last time the topic came up.
  9. Same bureaucracy running the show as usual, and tugging the pollies around by the nose ring. But point taken.
  10. I'm pretty sure when the CityLink was built, there was only front facing cameras. From a schematic which I have seen and a video (but memory fades so could be wrong), the camera is pointed at the front number plate with another scanner for the e-tag. If both the e-tag and number plate match, the e-tag beeps normally, if they don't match, they make a different noise (?). The rear was disregarded, they just had rear facing cameras for monitoring, but not for number plate/e-tag scanning. I might be wrong, but that's how I remember it.

    EastLink is different, they have forward/rearward facing cameras to take photos of both plates and linked to the e-tag. I think just one number plate needs to be read though to get a pass.
  11. it would be interesting to see that graph combined with the number of MC registrations etc.
  12. Originally, yeah, but prior to me moving to Melbourne (in '06) they had added the rear cameras to the array. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth prevailed as motorcyclists feared they'd now have to pay a toll as they could be now be tracked. Bikes-don't-have-to-pay has been grandfathered on CityLink it seems, tho'.
  13. Ahh, didn't know they added the camera...unless it was used as a trial so they can implement the technology on the EastLink. Either way, if they make us pay, I'd just use inner city routes.
  14. one of the best ways to get your opinion across, if you can't be arsed writing a letter to your MP is to try to get some media coverage of the opposing viewpoint. easiest way is to get some letters in the newspapers.



    the more people that write in, the more papers and other media pick up the story, i just put something together to go in theage, no idea if they'll run it though.

    also on the eastlink website they have webcams you can look at which show the backs of cars, but the citylink website says bikes aren't charged, not sure if they have rear cameras
  15. Make sure that you stress that the government is endangering pedestrians, particularly children.
  16. Oh, and Im being serious. I think that is a valid point and these ****ers need to be publicly tarred.
  17. what no kittens?

  18. Will someone PLEASE think of the kittens!! thank you phongus...
  19. No problem (y)