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Front Number Plate Update?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Slo-Sprinter, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Yeah, I know, it's BORING but, for the life of me I can't get any 'official' information about what's happening (happened) to the Front Number Plate so-called 'trial'. My attempt, on the 28 Sept. to ask the nice people at 'Arrive Alive' for progress info resulted in a non-response, the boys down at the Bezza Club reckon it's been shelved 'because they've now turned the cameras around' (though this has been specifically and officially denied by Vicroads as the reason for the trial) but nothing in the papers as far as I know.
    Does anyone out there have any 'official' information, as in a government statement or link to a website or ANYTHING!? Or are we just going to continue perpuating the same rumours as Nanny-Bracks squanders more of the Levy?

  2. Same issue is/was being discussed in WA. Official media releases some time ago stated that the WA government was waiting on the findings of the VIC study before making a decision. I'd be surprised if it had been canned but who knows.

    It is a government department after all so you wouldnt expect them to do anything in the appropriate amount of time, would you? :D
  3. Jono et al,
    In the dim, dark recesses of the grey matter I recalled doing some 'research' on the topic. I've just trawled it out and the best I came up with at the time is from a Vic Govt. website.
    Details below. Can anyone provide any further info, as I find it hard to believe a reported $14M is being spent on this fiasco (supposedly NOT funded from our $50 levy) but there seems to have been NO information about it available to the public in any case. Go figure!


    Development of a prototype motorcycle front identification
    * As yet no decision has been made to fit front decals to motorcycles. The project involves several stages, including the development of a preferred concept; the evaluation of prototypes, field trials, manufacture and publicity.
  4. the fitting of a front plate would require a change to the ADR which would have to be a federal decision. Hopefully as long as its liberal federal and labor state or visa versa it wont happen.
  5. My favourite from that website is:

    "....project aims to outline the ways in which fatigue affects riders..."

    likely result.....

    Study report - "the findings of this report are that fatigue makes riders tired and then they lose concentration and then they are more likely to crash"

    Study cost - $5million.

    and totally useless.
  6. I'm not so sure about that, Slice, as what is required to actually register a bike is 'post-ADR' if you get my drift but I have always contended that any design that obscures air intake to the bike would instantly void manufacturer's warranty. My undertsanding is that the 'trial' plates are adhesive in nature. If one believes the Citylink conspiracy, they would be stuck to the front guard (in camera view) but that makes a mockery of the safety argument put by police (can't be viewed by Speed Cameras). Of course, mounting on a fairing windshield would simply result in lots of photos of left-hand gloves (for those who have fairings!)
  7. Last I heard about it was that tender for someone to run durability tests on prototype plates.
  8. Yeah...prototype stickers I think.
  9. Yep, likewise. I 'heard' from a bloke, who told a bloke, who whispered something after a nod from another bloke. But WHERE's the source!!!? We get a little dribble on page 17 of the paper, on a slow day. I've even tried trawling through Vic Government press releases but ... you guessed it, NADA.
    I suppose you can tell that, after a year talking about it, a year 'workshopping' it and a number of months 'trialling' it, I'm just a little frustrated that we DON'T know:
    Who's doing the trials?
    What exactly is the concept?
    How do they expect to affix the thing?
    How long will it last before peeling/fading/cracking etc?
    What effects might it have on the bike?
    Exactly how much has it cost to date?
    Etc etc etc.
    Seeing as it's my (our) money, shouldn't at least some of these details be publicly available?