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Front mud guard spray costs and Q's

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hyper24, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. On southerncross they have 3 front mud guards for a CBR250 R

    MC19,front mud guard H0211 $100.00 Small scratch
    MC19,front mud guard H0212 $140.00 No scratch
    MC19 , front mud guard H0216 $160.00 Brand new

    Im wondering, if I get one and need it resprayed in the same colour as the bike, then does the scratch really matter, or would just depend on how bad the scratch is correct?

    Also how much would it cost to get it sprayed in the same colour as the current one.
  2. Who or where is Southerncross?

    If the bike has standard paint, any painter will have no problems mixing the paint for it.

    If the paint is faded everywhere else then trying to spray a guard so it looks faded is a challenge.

    Try phoning a few bike repairers and asking them what they would charge you for the respray.

    If the scratch is small, would touch up paint fill it? or is it a deep gouge?

    It may pay to update your profile and at least ad your location
  3. http://www.southerncrosssports.com/index2.html

    The front mud guard on the bike is cracked, needs replacing.

    The colours arnt stock (i think)

    Im not LOOKING for a place yet, im just curious as to how much it will cost.

    so 140 for the part say, and to get it colour matched to the blue on the bike, roughly how much would you say? another 100?