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Front lights on my Hyo Comet

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by DANNIBOI, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. ello all, noob question cummin up.

    my front like only has 2 settings, high beam, and low beam..... is this normal, am i supposed to have 3 settings???

    im only askin coz i went 4 a ride last nite, and i had my highs on, coz the other setting was way to dim.....

    does any1 with the comet hav this issue, or can this just be fixed by installing a bigger dimmer globe?

  2. unfortunately I think its just the crap lights we have on our Hyo's.

    Not sure what the lights are like on other bikes
  3. well my mates got a 250R and he has 3 settings coz u guys hav got 3 globes, but with the naked weve only got the 2 globes, and i love riding at night. :mad: :roll:
  4. hmm..now you have me wondering..LMAO

    I will have a look in the manual but I have only ever found 2 settings for the lights other than off.

    BTW I like riding anytime :)
  5. Three settings? hmmmm OH and the Hyo lights are not too bad. Check they are pointing up, as they rattle loose and drop down.
  6. I don't think you'll find that any of them have 3 settings... The naked has the best lights, people constantly biatch about the lights on the R even going as far as wiring them together so that the head doesn't go off when the main is switched on...
  7. maybe my lights just bright as, ill just deal with it. By three settings meant the R has a
    light always on, no matter wat
    then one up,
    and then high beam.

    as mine only has,
    light off
    high beam
  8. My GT250 [2005] had run time lights that switched off with the engine. But over rid it as it put too much strain on the battery.

    OH you might have a dodgy battery?
  9. It's a Hyosung, so why are you wondering if something is not quite right with it?
  10. Pull the globe(s) out and replace with the brightest you can find. I stuck a 60/100 in the Minja and was finally able to see on the freeway.
  11. cheers loz i was thinkin of doin that. ill head down to the ringwood strip and do some lookin round on the weekend.
  12. No need mate I got mine from a shell servo. Pull the bulb out, chances are it's an H4 - then just get the most powerful H4 you can find. This should be easy enough to do right there at the servo with your onboard toolkit.
  13. if your not too worried about heat you can even get 90/100. I know in my past cars these made significant improvement, but they draw a lot more power, and produce a fair chunk of heat. I would probably go with Loz's suggested size, less power drain, and only a slight increase in heat.
  14. cheers guys ill head down after work, i wanna get it done so i can go on the learner ride in melb on tuesday nights. :grin: