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Front Left and Right brake pads different

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by KumuduG, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys

    I have a MT09 and I was cleaning/inspecting my front brake pads yesterday and noticed the following. Both the front left brake pads has the part number "ADVICS TOYO S3GH GG 4806" and both of the front right brake pads has the part number "ADVICS TOYO S3GH GG 4807". Do any of you know the reason for the different parts? My only guess is the slight pressure difference in left and right pots [if there is any difference] due to lines first coming into right then going into left pots.

    Left brake pad. Right brake pad.

  2. Pads can be different left and right, either due to shape or where/how they rest on the callipers.
    Looking at your pic, unless it's just the difference in angle, the holes on those backs look to be in slightly different positions.
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  3. That's not how hydraulics work. If your lines and system are otherwise good, the pressure should be consistent all the way through.

    If you look at the parts fiche you'll see they don't differentiate between calipers, it's the one part number for the front brake pad kit (5SL-25805-00-00). Honestly, it could just be a different production series. They don't look all that different in any way that would matter.
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  4. Some manufacturers just like to list a L/R when in fact they are the same.
  5. Do they work? If it were me I'd shrug perhaps thinking "hmm that's interesting I'm sure it makes sense to someone" shrug again and move on.
  6. KumuduGKumuduG may be just a batch no.
    Apart from the different positions of hole the shape is also different.
    Looks to me that whoever put the brake pads mixed them up. 4806-4806, 4807-4807. Does the other pair matches as in position of hole?
  7. Didn't check the hole positions
    Didn't check the hole positions. I also think it's a batch number. Looking at part pictures in the net I have seen 4804 too. All pads seem to be identical. Thanks everyone for the replies.