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Front Head Lift Stand - Suzuki Gladius

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by EsotericEntity, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. I recently purchase my first bike! Unfortunately I also then crashed my first bike... Luckily no major damage except for a busted front tire and some scratches. After a fun 45 minute push, I managed to get it home.

    I also, unfortunately, decided to take the front wheel off myself so I picked up two fork lift stands from the recent Aldi sale (cuz I'm tight on cash :p). I then got myself the necessary tools and took the wheel off... easy peasy. Got the tire swapped today and went to put it back on. Joy!

    Whilst trying to put it back on, I noticed that I was a complete muppet and mounted the tire the wrong way. So off it came again.

    As I was taking it off the second time, the right hand fork slipped out of the stand. Wasn't able to get it back in without lowering it to the ground, but now I can't get the bloody stand back under the forks to raise it!

    Soooo, long story short; anyone got a front headlift stand I can borrow for a day... or any good ideas?:D

    Also... yeah, I should have just gotten it towed in the first place. But my manliness is now at stake so I can't give up.
  2. Any beam above where it is to pulley it up and suspend the front from.?
    I've had a milk crate under the frame of a trail bike before with the handlebars tied to a beam and bricks in front of, behind and on each side of the rear wheel. Won't work with all bikes.
  3. Would probably help to know what state and suburb you are in...
  4. Yeah, critical bit of info missed. I'm in Maribyrnong, Vic (near Highpoint shopping centre)