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front forks

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ards, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. a friend scraped up my zzr on saturday night, and i just took it apart at home today to assess the damage.

    the right hand side flairing has kinda had it, as well as the front flairing surrounding the headlight (great bick crack), the front brake level broke off. but other than that the bike itself starts and moves around, although i wasn't too game to test it without the front brake.

    but the worst bit is that i think the front forks are royally rooted. this is a pick i took after taking most of the body off today


    Thats with the handle bars as straight as i could, and that looks pretty wonky to me. Are these things even worth fixing on a 250? how much is it going to cost? do you have to replace the whole front fork assembly? does anyone know whats involved?

    i'm going to ring up the mechanic tomorrow and get him to give it a proper assesment, but i thought i might just get a heads up from people more experienced than myself.

    thanks in advance!

  2. Loosen off the top and bottom triple clamps and grip the wheel between your knees, (standing in front of the bike, obviously) and tweak the bars to straight ahead, then tighten up the triple clamps again.
    Unless the fork tubes themselves are bent (backwards or sideways, and it doesn't look like they are) this should fix at least that problem
  3. if the fork tubes are bent my mate has a special fork streightning press... he can fix them if they have no kinks (it doesn't look like it from the picture)
  4. i tried what you guys and some other webpages suggested about loosening the triple clamps and checking the forks, and it looks as though they are ever so slightly bent near the bottom set of clamps....

    i took it up the street for a ride without the fairing or headlight, or more scarily the mirrors, and i ended up having to steer slightly left to get the thing to go straight so there's your answer i reckon....

    i'm a tad busy right at the moment, but by the end of next week i intend on supergluing a couple of the fairing mountings back on and tring to fix up those, but i was wondering how much am i looking at for strightening the forks?? should i take them out myself and take them down, or just ride the bike down to the shop (lloyd penn artarmon) being careful of my sideways movement and get them to do the whole thing?

    i might get him to replace the front tire at the same time.... but any ideas on the forks??? lordtb offered to help, but i'm in sydney unfortunately...
  5. how does this press you speak of work Lordtb?

    Coconuts once suggested to put the wheel against a kurb and turn the handlebars. That's probably a bit easier than doing it between ur knees (mine are bend a little too, and the knee thing was too hard.. i am yet to try the kurb idea, tho cos the bike has no rear tyre =p)
  6. My mate made three of these... one for his bro in quensland and one for some one else (he has it back now) and his old one which... got burned...

    it is a square frame welded up using some thick steel beams... thre is a middle bit that moves up and down... with a 1.5 ton car jack that moves it... the trick is in the bits that hold the fork and the bit that presses on the fork... they have to be machined very precisely out of aluminum blocks... different size forks require different "blocks" hance quite expensive bit of primitive machinery...