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Front forks issue

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Cam2318, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. just picked my bike up from a service and the tech pointed out some anodization to the front forks I didn't see. He said from stone chips. I live about a kilometre from the ocean so that probably hasn't helped. He said I could wire brush the couple of spots affected. Is this advisable?

  2. try some whet and dry
    if it doesn't bother you
    try some don't give a fcuk
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  3. probably the latter lol I just wasn't sure if I don't do something about it, the forks will go to complete shite
  4. Polish it out, then cover the fork legs with duct tape. It'll stop further oxidation, and also protect against stone chips....
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  5. Cheers hornethornet the tech also said he covers his with clear contact. Samey same I guess
  6. wire brush can be a bit harsh.. put up a pic?

    you can get stuff better than "contact".. ie designed to prevent stone chipping.. usually urethanes or similar eg.. also 3M versions and other available.
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  7. Sliders or stanchions?
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  8. Ok I'm going to go with "no idea" new to the game so not sure. It's a WR250R if that helps???
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  9. Ok thought as much re: the wire brush. I'm looking at flicking it and have eyes on a MT07 so looking at getting it tidied up. Thanks again
  10. Shiny
  11. The shiny bits slide inside the not-shiny bits, so you can't stick anything on them.
    If they're pitted, chances are, in time, they will damage the oil seals. That's a soon-to-be repair issue.
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  12. This stuff works a treat if you need to go for looks - great for shiny bits:

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  13. if the hard chromed shiny bits are pitted (bottom right of linked photo), the best you can hope for is to really carefully sand/grind them flat, and hope the seals don't leak.
  14. Crap

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  15. Jeeeze! Autosol wont solve that one...........
  16. Sorry Cam,just thinking out loud is that picture the outside fork leg?
    If so all good,show the chrome bits in a picture.
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  17. that looks like the gold coloured bit of forks that is the outside... not the shiny bit that slides into the fork seal??
    lacquer and stuff is coming off and alloy is oxidising (not anodizing :) ).. can stop by either fine wet n dry (800-1200) and lacquer over the top... or if you're really cheap.. some grease :p
    my choice would be abrade the oxide off carefully, put a coat of urethane lacquer (or.. just clear paint.. this is to exclude oxygen and moisture to slow corrosion).. then a plastic film (contact or a good urethane stone chip tape) to physically protect it
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  18. weird. Looks like a wear pattern tho? Not sure where to go from here. Nothing you can do that's not going to look like a 'cheap and cheerful' repair if you're going to flip it. Just whack some black gaffer tape over it and own up. :p