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Front fork oil change questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Just had my 48,000km service done by my local friendly dealer. When I looked at the bill for $425 I noticed that there was no item charge for front fork oil. I called the dealer in question and asked if the front oil had been changed. He said the mechanic that serviced my bike wasn't on duty but would ask him if he changed the oil when next returned to work. The dealer phoned me this morning and told me that the front oil hadn't been changed at either the 24,000/48,000km service as per the manual and that they only the change front oil when a seal blows. He then went on to say in general use it doesn't really need to be changed and that there are many bikes out there that have never had the front fork oil changed. He also said that if I bring the bike back in they would change it for me for an additional $120.

    This brings a few questions to mind. Has anyone that has had a front fork oil change noticed any difference after towards? Is it worth it? If I take the bike back for a change should I also get them to change the seals as part of the course? This is a difficult question to answer, but in general how long do fork seals last? I don't want them to change the oil now only to have a seal blow 5,000km later.
  2. I changed my fork oil and seals (weeping) recently. I found a massive deference in the feel of the front end. I found a lot of grey crud in the bottom of my forks, which I am sure, doesn’t help things. The huge deference in feel is from the new oil; the seals aren’t going to make a lot of deference. I will be changing my fork oil every twelve months depending on my K’s here on in.

    If I was you with the k's yourve done, I would be changing yours. $120 seems a bit steep, it should be a easy job just to drain the oil and refill.
  3. 'scuse me but are you kiddin.?????

    this so-called dealer should not be allowed near bikes

    he says " that the front oil hadn't been changed at either the 24,000/48,000km service as per the manual and that they only the change front oil when a seal blows"

    I usually change the fork oil on my Kwaka every 7,500km
    and it comes out black every time...
    unbelievable how black it is
    looks like bad engine oil
    I re-fill it with 12.5w (OE is 5w) and 10mm higher levels
    and that stiffens up the front very nicely....

    I would stay away from this guy
    coz ...what else has NOT been looked at :evil:
  4. How easy is easy?

    (bad bad bad front forks on my CB250 very bad, must fix ;) )
  5. I've always done my fork oil roughly every 10000km, i agree with Smitty it's time to find a real mechanic!!
  6. Yep should have been done. If you don't want to do it yourself, then take it to a suspension specialist, rather then the dealler.

    they will have a better idea of the best weight and volume of oil for your bike.

    My opinion of seals in general is if they aren't leaking then don't change them, but at 48,000k I might don it anyway, because it won't be long now.
  7. Changing the oil is not much harder than adjusting a chain. Replacing fork seals can be a mucky job and some bikes need a special tool.

    There's some links on how to do it here:

  8. Just a quick update. I phoned up another bike shop and they recommended changing the front seals along with the oil and quoted $180 including seals. Said it was half day job.
  9. usually a lot cheaper if you pull the forks yourself and then take them in
  10. Took it back to the shop during the week and asked them to complete the service by changing the front fork oil and I got the seals replaced at the same time. Cost $196. The front end feels a bit better but there's not a lot in it to be honest.