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Front fork issue on Vt250c.....somebody screwed up i think ?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. I have had my Vt250c for nearly 3 months, since buying it from a private owner in Geelong Ive been very happy with it. The front fork suspension has always seemed very soft but I thought it was just the way it was meant to be, From the day I picked up the bike i noticed a knocking on the steering head when slowing down quickly or going over speed humps.
    Since Im really new to bikes and nobody with any know how has riden my bike, a few have said its probably supposed to be like that as its a big heavy bike with long forks, and the knocking is probably only the heavy cables rattling against the naked front.
    now Ive had a few issues cornering with my bike and getting it over is easy but sometimes the front wheel judders and steps out which has made me go into corners differently to compensate, I didnt think i was compensating as i thought nothing was wrong but now something is really wrong. And im beggining to wonder if my suspicions where right after all.

    A freind of a freind was looking at my bike and I asked him to jump on and take it for a run round the block, he builds bikes so any info he could offer would be great. He told me that the front forks were way too soft and that the knocking was the bearrings on the stem. He also said this would cause a problem whilst cornering at speed at the front would shake.

    SO......I called Pete the Pom and pete verified all this info saying basically the same thing.....wrong oil or not enough.
    I got in touch with the guy who sold me the bike who was and still is very helpful. Peter Stevens in Geelong serviced the forks a month before I aquired the bike......so in 4 months they have gotten to this state......but NO as they were already like this from the day i picked it up.
    Pete says that from the VT250 to the VT250c there is a difference of 100 somethings in the oil in the forks. so i think maybe Peter stevens have screwed up.
    Now just before a newb like me goes shooting my scottish attitude off at some poor guy who is going to baffle me with tech stuff i thought Id post this and see if anybody can shed some extra light on this matter and maybe offer some advice about how to approach this situation.
    Its going to cost me bearings and oil and labour to get this fixed at a cost of around $300. if this has not been rectified properley by Peter Stevens in the service it had, do I have any legs to stand on when calling them to ask about the service?

    I have the service invoice and the name of the guy who done it.
    And should my forks have deteriorated so quickly after haveing just recently been serviced. not that the service has actually been of any difference since the bike was bought.

  2. I don't think the way you have been riding it, on the roads you have, would have caused the forks to deteriorate that quickly.

    I suspect that they've been crook all along. Certainly the steering head bearings seem like a pre-existent problem.
  3. yeah i have not been abusing my bike at all as it was a bit of a handfull to start with cos its so big and heavy. Do you reckon it was poorly serviced and do i as the new owner have any comback on the guys who serviced it ?
  4. 4 months ago and you're complaining about their service... I think the horse has bolted on that one. Within a week or two, maybe.

    The forks should definately not be bottoming out though, that's terrible. I'm a huge fat bugger and I don't think I've bottomed a set of forks more than once or twice.

    On the other hand, I don't think changing fork oil is a $300 job.
  5. Stookie,

    I had the fork seals and the oil changed in my forks about 2 weeks ago...I had it done at PistonBroke motorcyles wreckers in Bayswater and they charged me $180...the also stiffened the forks up a bit for me as I found they were a bit soft...so $300 is a heck of a lot to do the same thing.

    Also as the repair was done for somebody else 4 months ago I would tend to agree with loz...not much chance of any joy unfortunately...


  6. I think $300 for the fork oil, new seals and NEW stem berrings.. is just about right... but if the forks had the seals replaced... and all the bike needs is new oil and the stem barsings ajusted... I think $300 is a little bit over the top...
  7. Loz....I agree the horse has bolted on that one too but thought I may as well ask since you never know. It was the wrong oil and not enough apparentley. Mistake on their part....
    And i would never have known myself anyway as i know bugger all about bikes, I thought it was supposed to be like that....!!!
    So the bearings and seals and oil needs done and Pete the Pom has stepped up to sort it out.
    I look forward to it all being well again.

    Thanks all
  8. The quote was for the following

    2 hours labour for the whole job $100. I charge $50 per hour. Thats front end off new headracers fitted and for oil replaced. There no one on this web site that will disagree that thats not a fair price and time.

    Headracers cost around the $100 mark for good quality plus the original Honda seals that people usually leave off when they fit aftermarket bearing which puts then back in the same place they where when 12 months of dust and dirt has worn the new ones out again.

    $50 for good quality fork oil. The VT250C has nearly 500cc each leg so two bottles will be required and good stuff is around $20 to $25 a bottle.

    Brings us to $250. Chances are that it wont be quite that much but thats a fair price.

    When people ask me for quotes I usually give the worst case price which is what I did in this case. I actully said the job would cost around $250 but could cost $300 max because guys are then prepared for the worst rather then tell someone $200 give them a $300 bill and have them think your a rip off merchant. No doubt on saturday when the bill is only $230 Stookie will be rapped that he got a good job done and below when he was quoted.

    As the guys who use me know I'm very good on price and do a top job. Ring PS and get a quote on the same and see how much they quote.
  9. Well Pete you charge for the job done.. I like that and respect that... PS would have charged $300 for the fork oil change and a twick at the head... which is where the original problem started... I find that alot of mechanics will just keep on ajusting things and never check to see if the parts are actualy worn out :(
  10. Another sterling example of just what getting your bike serviced at Peter Stevens can do. :roll: