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Front end wobble at over 60km/h

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by SnOOkered, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Quick question, I own an '07 Hyo Gt250r and i noticed at speeds over say 65km/h when i take my hands off the handle bars there is noticeable front end wobble (but below 80 there is minimal if not, no wobble). Now I took my bike for its 2nd service to the North Rd Suzuki mechanics, and they also noticed this in their test ride. They thought it could be the wheel bearings or the suspension. They couldnt cover warranty claims as they're not a hyo dealership so i took it back to Peter Stevens in the city. They had the bike for the day it was normal and nothing to worry about?

    Could you guys please confirm? Because i dont know if the wankers at PS are avoiding a warranty claim or a telling the truth?

    I also have to say it isnt a violent wobble that is uncomfortable when gripping it and absorbing the wobble, but it is definitely there.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. does it go away the faster you get?
  3. It's a common thing that can happen to many bikes, usually starts around 90 kph and stops around 60 kph when you've let go of the bars.

    I have changed various things over the years to induce it but mainly I think it is an unevenly worn front tyre.

    Changes to ride height front or rear can make the problem more or less evident. IN MY EXPERIENCE.
  4. +1 Scalloped front tyre will do that.
  5. yeah im kind of not sure that its tyre wear though ive only done 5,700km on it? Ive had the bike since new, and im sure i noticed it when i was getting used to the bike (as i was a learner) but didnt take much notice of it as i thought it was normal. With regards to speeding up and it going away im not too sure ill get back to you :) ...
  6. hi there....i can tell you that hyosung wheels are very poor quality...we have had them on a stand for painting and i cant believe how bad the wheel rolls to the heavy point ....they are also very heavy compared to japanese wheels...it may not be a warranty issue at all as ALL the wheels are the same....just may need shitloads of balancing weights :D
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  7. No Front wheels are supposed to run true,So its tyre,tyre pressure,wheels,bearings or a combination of things.Tell them to find out what it is and if they cant find someone who can :wink:
  8. Guess to be safe, you will need to start doing wheelies to avoid the wobbles
  9. Why do you take your hands off the bars? Is it to pack the bong, or open a stubby?
  10. Sometimes i take them off to stretch my back quickly, but otherwise hands are always on... but yeah wheelies would be good if i could do them :p . I have taken it a different mechanic and they said looks like wheel bearings, or somethine off within the front forks?...
  11. If both places are positive that the issue is with the bearing, then you could try getting both mechanics to give a you something in writting. Might convince PS to actually have a look.
  12. Take it to Staffords, in Bell St. Heidelberg. He is the best Hyo Man in Melb.
  13. Solved? whats going on?

    I get the same on my GPX, had different tyres and different balance jobs both times, still get it. Cant notice it when im holding the bars though (at any speed)
  14. is this thread dead? any resolve?? im having the same issue with my zzr250...
  15. Tyre pressures, check front AND REAR.
  16. wheel balance buddy. go get your wheel balanced
  17. And after all that, don't forget your headstock bearings - had a couple of bikes showing that symptom where a nip up of the nut was needed
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  18. Don't you hate it when they don't come back to tell you if they got it sorted?
  19. mine did it when the preload was wound up to accomodate luggage and i didnt have the luggage on there
  20. Let there be life!
    *Thread revived*

    I am having similar issues. I have had them before, previously it was caused by very loose rear spokes. Just had city harley do a service and check the spokes - it was all good.

    Now... My front tyre has lasted me 40,000km and is finally due for replacement.... I assume this could be my issue? I also assume that as it hasn't be replaced in 40,000km and was previously 'cared' for by peter stevens that the front wheel hasn't been adjusted/balanced in that time either?
    Is this likely my problem?