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front end tramp

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tack, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. At approx 1am on Saturday morning there were 5 bikes coming along Dandenong road. I watched them all pull up at glenferrie road lights at the front of the grid. The lights turned green and they all took off hard, some doing small mono's but they then had to brake real hard for the next set of lights which were about 50 metres from there start position.

    The interesting thing was the front bike had to brake like crazy to stop and actually "axle tramped" either the front or rear coming to a stop. I couldn't see clearly cause it was dark but is this a common thing for either the front or rear to tramp like this?? Is it particular to certain bikes or is it just the rider?

    Does anyone know who they were or was actually there?

    It wasn't friday night coffee people was it?
  2. Bad suspension
    Bad tyres
    Bad rider
    All of the above.
  3. Yea, there also seems to be something about that intersection that encourages f***witted riding/driving. You ever try to do a right turn there, from beside that church? Freakin' nightmare!

    So ur from Oakleigh eh?Where abouts do you ride?
  4. I ride to works most days to Malvern along Dandenong rd.....otherwise I go for rides up to Mt Dandenong or Healesville or where ever I find some new roads with twisty bits. Voodsy took my out on friday and we went thru Kinglake over to Healesville then to Marysville and then to Warburton...that was a great ride...really enjoyed that.
  5. Hell yea, I miss all that good gear. Used to live in Oakleigh you see, always good to jump on the South Eastern and go for a burn.