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Front end crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lastlineofdefence, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Newbie Q.
    Just wondering what kind of damage a bike would obtain if it were to hit a stationary car. Say the bike was going 50km/h or less.
    Where would the damage be on teh bike?
    I think the front tyre would hit the car and the rider going flying over the handle bars. But would there be damage? The forks bent?
    I know there are heaps of variables, like speed, but any comments would help.
    Im also referring to a smallish, 250 bike.

  2. Alright damage forks, radiator, speedo/anything at the front of the bike in that area, fairing, exhaust, maybe the frame etc etc.

    Rider would be fine..aslong as its a small car and if the rider flys straight over the car.
  3. I'm not an engineer, but I would reckon that at that speed the whole front end would be stoved back into the tank at least.
  4. From experience, I only hit the right side of the bike on the left tail light of the car at about 20ks.

    But entire right & front fairings, front mudguard & lights needed replacing. No other damage.
  5. The rear of my bike hit a car at 80-100km/h and well..thats all i remember until i came to at the end of the road with the bike ontop of me and the rear end was destoryed, so yeah basicly the whole front of the bike is gone.
    I crashed my dirtbike into some tree stumps (who the fcuk put those there) at 20km/h and the forks where bent right back.
  6. Is this something that you're planning on doing?????
  7. lol, no no.
    A mate was going to look at a bike and thinks it may of been involved in a front ender, but the bike looks fine and only has scratches down the side of fairings.
    Im might go help him have a look and just want to know what to look for.
  8. Can I respectfully suggest that if you don't know what to look for, take someone who does? A trained eye is always better than a second-hand check list..... I'm sure someone local to you would be happy to help, just ask.
  9. Ask how'd the scratches get there. Check alignment of fairings. If concerned you may wanna check out what's under em.
  10. You were rear ended at 80-100km/h? Fwark!
  11. To see if the bike is alright take it for a test ride (if you can) and do a wheelie and let it down hard, if it holds then its probably alright. :p
  12. Dodgey alignments will show in tyres, look for weird wear in teh front tyre, and if it's new ask why.
    Look for any hairline cracks in welds in teh frame, particularly around the steering head, and also check teh chromed parts of teh forks for any spots that are shinier or worn in a strange pattern relative to the rest of the fork finish. Also check if teh forks bind in any part of their travel.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. At 50km/h the bike would be a writeoff if it was in accelerating mode. If you were coming to a brake maybe a different story .

    If you hit the back of a van the sudden stop would probably be fatal as the brain cannot take such a sudden shock . If your going to hit anything at such speed pray its a car and you continue to roll .
  14. I assure you if you hit plough the front of any bike square on into a much heavier object like a car at even 25km/h, the bike will need almost everything from the the very front, to at least the frame.

    Forks=Well bent
    Radiator/oil cooler =holed
    lights depending on bike=smashed
    fairing stays=bent
    Clip ons=bent
    quite possibly depending upon type of bike, frame at headstock cracked or at least bent, making repair usually unviable.
  15. Sounds like you're planning on committing some insurance fraud :D
  16. 50 kmh is 50 kmh, doesn't matter whether you are speeding up or slowing down the impact speed is the same. :wink:
  17. Funny; but true. Good point Pete. [​IMG]

    :LOL: Rider [​IMG]
  18. From what i know understand bot vehicles travelling less then 50km/h, so changes things a little bit.