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Front end "bouncing" at speed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by SJPJ1982, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been riding and have owned a Hyosung (cue the jokes) GV250 2010 model since June last year. I didn't get to ride it for a very long time due to work, but have been rolling the km's on steady for abut 3 months and its probably 2 weeks away from the 1000k service. It has mainly been a used for zipping around town at 50 - 60k.

    The few times I have gone above 65ish it has scared the crap out of me. The front end seems to "bounce" up and down slightly, getting worse the higher speed and even holding speed for a few minutes it doesn't level out. Its not ordinary vibration but a distinct bounce.

    I don't have a whole lot of experience on bikes, so is this normal and something I should get used to? Might I be doing something to cause this in my riding tech. (I always stay loose in the arms). I know confidence comes with getting used to higher speeds, but this issue really is throwing me off.

    This is something I will be mentioning this at the 1000ker of course but would like to see if anyone had any suggestion I might not have thught about that would be "duh".

    Ive tried various tire pressures too.

    I love riding and would REALLY like to be able to take the beast on the highway at SOME point lol.

    Thanks for any advice in advance.
  2. Take it back to where you bought it from ASAP. If you bought it privately it should still be under warranty with Peter Stevens.

    Does not sound normal in any sense, & sounds downright dangerous.
  3. Less than 1000k in 3 months??
    Dude, try and find more riding time.....:p

    Seriously though, get it looked at asap..
  4. Is there anyone more experiences you could get to take it for a ride? Just to make sure you're not imagining it?
  5. Heathers got one, 2009 model, I ride it and it dont bounce along the road, Some thing is definately wrong with it, Take it back and get them to look at it,
    Sounds like they forgot to put oil in your forks,
    Does the front end go clunk as you ride it, Like hitting some thing as the front end goes up and down,
    Helps if you say where you are also,
  6. Wheel balance?
  7. +1 to getting an experienced rider to try it
  8. It sounds like no rebound on the front. Or your too heavy for the springs. Or your sitting to far back in the seat.
    Do Hoyo's have a rebound clicker on the forks ????
    My gay Viffer pogo's a little when I push it through the bends. But never in a strait line.
  9. Not just rebound, it sounds like it may have no damping at all.
  10. As above experienced rider to have a look and take it back. I am wondering though then you use the front brakes what does the front of the bike do?

    Also where are you located? A friendly NR might offer to see if it's actually happening or in your head.
  11. hyosong walks into a bar
    barman says "wtf is this piece of shit doing in my bar ???"
    hyosung explodes into a ball of flames! *KABOOOM*
  12. how did the hyosung cross the road?
    it exploded into a great big ****ing ball of flames and landed there!
  13. how many hyoisungs does it take to change a ****ing lightglobe ???
  14. I'd second the lack or rebound dampening. But if its that bad there something going on with the forks which need some attention.

    Get it back to the shop ASAP and get this sorted out, sounds dangerous!
  15. As has been said before, a regular 'bounce" that gets worse with speed, sounds like the front wheel is out of balance. The shop you bought it from should be able to check it out in about 5 minutes..
  16. Does it look like this?
    May affect quality of ride at speed...
  17. There is a possibility that it never had oil put in the forks when it was assembled, that coupled with a very slightly out of balance front wheel will cause what you describe. Or it could be just a very out of balance wheel.
    Either way, get it checked ASAP. Its dangerous!
  18. Or the oil is frothing (probably form the level being significantly low) or a shim stack has collapsed
  19. my old bike did something similar found out the fork seals where fuked