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front end being violent

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kyro_02, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. i don't know how to describe what the problem is with the bike , but here goes

    it feels as if i have a buckle in the wheel but i doubt it i had the front wheel in the air and spun the front wheel as hard as i could and seen no disturbences.

    the feeling feels (as if the front end bobs up an down constantly - the front end) at 40kmh and over (goes away when i give full throttle) but casual riding and when using 0 throttle, its there.

    anyone have this problem before and what did you do to fix it... i am thinking the shocks or wheel bearings?? are gone...

    any other ideas welcome!
  2. I'm probably miles off here, but it sounds like you've hit a large bump and the wheel is out of round, rather than buckled (?).
  3. i had a closer look ... the rim might be buckled (but the slightest if anything !!).... arrggh ... but it might not be the buckle that is causing it.... the tyre is not aligned on the rim properly and when you spin the wheels you can see the tyre its not on the rim properly.

    what do you think a new tyre and rim will set me back? just a rough price. for a cbx250
  4. I wouldn't go that far yet. Take it to your bike shop, get them to remove the tyre from the rim, check the rim for out-of-round, and refit the tyre and balance it. Chances are that's all that's wrong.
  5. I will take it to the bike shop tomorrow, just a question, if it is out of round, will they be able to fix it, or is it just worth getting a new or (second hand) rim?

  6. If it's out of round it's probably not fixable, although there are some wheel specialists who do work on alloy rims. Start hunting wreckers, I guess.
  7. COuld be a few things. Out of round rim. Out of round tyre (fairly common). Out of balance rim/tyre. Dead front forks.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. You can get a car rim re-rolled for around $80 at a place in Moorabbin.

    Have no idea if they do bike rims as well but i couldn't see why not.

    Best bet would be to have a look at the tyre first and while they have it off tell them to throw the rim on the balance machine and see if its out of round.

  9. Due to the age of the bike and it's unknon history I vote for crook forks. Maybe no oil in 'em.
  10. My front end was very bumpy when i got my bike and the trye was 3/4 worn and after replacing the tyre it now rides smooth (Apart from all the other problems :grin: )
  11. could be one of the wheel weights have fallen off
  12. Gave Advantage Motorcycles a call today in hoppers crossing, they were all booked out for 1-2 weeks. The guy over the phone gave me another phone number for a company called Competition Motorcycles in hoppers crossing, they weren't all that busy not sure how old the company is, wasn't all that busy there today. One of the guys tried to put heaps of air in to try pop the sides out (cause the side walls of the tyre is in the rim and no properly fitted.. that is why I am getting the problem I've tried to describe.

    Anyway, he tried, but to no avail, I got home, soon as I pulled up the driveway the tyre went down (the valve had air coming out of it!!)

    took wheel back, they're fitting a new tube and a valve (which broke when I tightened it up)

    $40ish it's costing, hopefully it will be all good by tomorrow :)
  13. Got wheel back, fitted, spun wheel and it doesn't spin smoothly (like as if it has the slightest buckle) anyhow... the tyre wall is fixed, new tube, tyre wall is balanced etc etc.... aren't experiencing and of what i described earlier. so i think it is safe to say, i am happy :p
  14. Well done. Tick that box.