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Front end and braking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by N*A*M, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Dropped my Hornet 900 after a nasty tank slapper. Now the front brakes make a noise under heavy braking when I'm nearly stopped. Sounds kinda like when a tram goes around corners. Not a squeal like worn pads. There's also a slight shudder sometimes.

    Does anyone know what this is likely to be caused by? Bent discs? Twisted forks? I don't really know but visually the front end looks ok. Help! :oops:
  2. Hi N*A*M!

    I had a similar prob after I dropped my cbr6. Turned out I had a bent disc. I'd get it looked at....I left it too long with some pretty close calls!! :oops: :shock:
  3. GSX14 has a contact for straightening discs.
  4. NAM, the brake sqeal you mention is usually related to an uneven braking surface such as bent disc or mis-aligned brake pad which causes vibration at the friction point (this is the squeal). Remove and replace the brake pads (no point taking a chance for the price of these things) and raise the front wheel off the ground. Rotate the wheel and visually check the disc for any buckle (just like you use to when you buckled the wheels on you pushy as a kid) where possible borrow,steal, or buy a dial indicator for a more accurate measurement of disc mis-alignment.
    good luck
  5. I hope you're ok...
  6. He's fine, it was nearly 5 years ago... Ya clown!
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    kardia, at the end of the year, this has to get the 'Best Lazarus Thread' prize.
  8. hehehe,,,yeh I was having a good ol laugh too, not at the OP expense but just cos I was having a good ol "thread mine"

    Saw a couple earlier that were about 6-12 months old so I went mining.
    You do get it in a few forums, someone will bring up an old post and you have to wonder,,,but,,,ROFL...
  9. Lazarus Award for sure.