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Front disc brakes, sluggish / squishy?!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by doc_chow, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Hi

    My front disc brake feels really delayed, squishy and sluggish.... i removed the brake calipers and the brake pads look alright, and i bled the front brake fluid as well.....

    but what i wasnt sure if my front disc brake is a bit warped, that may have caused the delayed braking, and the squishy braking, nevertheless it does work, but very weak at the moment....

    any suggestions what else it could be??

  2. Are the pads glazed ? Maybe try rubbing the face on some sand paper just a little bit if they look shiny
  3. seal on one of the pistons... master cylinder or caliper... resulting in lost pressure.
  4. How experienced are you in bleeding brake lines? Did you bleed the master cylinder as well as the calliper/line? Glazed pads or warped discs wouldn't cause a squishy lever.
  5. Disk warp you would feel generally in vibration when braking. I would still be leaning towards pads or hydraulics.

    How old is the brake fluid?
    Parked outside? Could you have gotten water in the brake fluid?
    Pad glazing as discussed by Basejumper?
    Have you measured how much meat is left on the brake pads? They may look ok but still be undersized.

    After that Master or slave cylinder problems, sticking, leaking? A sticking slave cylinder can cause uneven pressure by the pads but you would generally see that in wear patterns on the pads.

    Good Luck :)
  6. It's time for you to go see a professional...

    Most probably a seal, damaged hose or bad bleed (air or incorrect amount/type of fluid) but it's possible you now have more than one problem.
  7. Yeh thanks for that guys, i might just take it to a bike mechanic and get it checked out

    sounds like the seal might be on the way out
  8. If the disc is warped it will push the pistons back up the caliper. the volume in the master cylinder won't be enough to push the pads back onto the disc with enough force.

    bike master cylinders have very small volumes and rely on everything being pretty much spot on.
  9. How'd you go Doc? Assuming you've bled it correctly, I'll go with Victriple and say the hose is damaged, perhaps a weak spot which is bulging under pressure, creating the squishy feeling you describe.