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Front brake too easy to squeeze

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by the_blacke, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Hi folks,

    Got a question about front brake resistance / hydraulic fluid pressure. (Kawasaki Z1000SX)

    I've got an adjustable lever on the brake, settings 1-6 where 6 is the furthest from the grip. I used to run it on 4 where I could get the lever all the way back to the grip with reasonable but not excessive force.

    2,000KMs ago I had the front brake fluid reservoir changed from Kawasaki Ugly to Aftermarket Pretty. This also reduced the volume of fluid in the system since reservoir is smaller. But I did not notice any difference to the feel of the brakes after this change was made.

    Over the weekend I put some bark busters ONO on, which involved moving the brake lever assembly further away from the grip and possibly changing its angle to the grip slightly. I now find that even with the lever set on 6, I can still bring the brake lever all the way to the grip without particular effort. In short, I don't think I'm getting access to all my brakes.

    I'm pretty sure that the issue is the changed position of the brake lever assembly - the bike has only done 20,000KMS / 18 months old so I don't _think_ that age of the brake hose should be an issue.

    What are my options for addressing this? Any help / ideas / suggestions gratefully appreciated!!!
  2. When you moved the assembly further in, you fingers are placed further out on the lever. This gives you more power. Its just that. The lever adjustment does not effect the power it takes to brake, only the position of the lever in relation to the grip. Adjust it so the lever never can touch the grip.
  3. IMHO you should not be able to get the lever all the way back to the bars on any modern bike without Adren-O-Matic terror assistance. That's for old shitheaps such as I cut my biking teeth on.

    Something is wrong. Find out what and fix it. A thorough bleed would be the place to start.
  4. Sorted out the problem - there simply isn't enough room between the ignition switch and the clipon bracket for both the brake assembly and the hand guard to mount.

    By putting the hand guard mount in there, it had changed the angle at which the brake assembly gripped the bar... enough of a change to limit the range of movement of the lever.

    So I've taken off the guards and will get some bar-end guards instead.

    Thanks for your help guys, really appreciate it.