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front brake squeal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jphanna, May 6, 2013.

  1. guys my wife rides a hyodung gv250. the front bakes have squealed since day one. we told PS about the problem and they just 'treated' the rotor as they claimed it was glazed.

    it has not stopped squealing and she doesnt want to use the front brake because of the noise......if she continues to just use rear brakes she will go down.

    can we change pads to fix this problem?
  2. Try some better quality brake pads... Or remove the current ones, champher them with some sand paper to deglaze them and clean up with brake cleaner.
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  3. The (still original) front pads on my Z squeal, and I've been advised by @streetmaster who services it and also rides a Z, that his did too. He's going to change mine at the next service whether they need it or not!

    So a change of pads to a different/better type might help? I use a question mark bc I really know SFA about it, just letting you know my experience with the issue.
  4. There's your problem right there :p
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  5. dont remind me....
  6. Many years ago I discussed brake squeal with another mechanic in canberra who serviced the CT110 posties. They all seemed to squeal & no matter what he tried he could not stop it. He tried a number of different brand shoes, tried hand cutting grooves into shoe, sanding shoes, sanding drum, nothing worked. It could have been from the weight of mail that they carried & the tiny drums could not cope with the continual braking & were just overheating & glazing. Honda did increase the size of the rear drum on the later ones but they still sqealed. I think we concluded that it might also be from the type of metal the drum was made out off.

    Also another case of brake squeal was with a yamaha quad rear disc brake. Apparently yamaha had made the pad compound hard in order for the pads to last the distance between services, but then had problems with sqealing. They made available a softer pad for those who couldn't put up with the noise.

    So in conclusion. Try a softer pad if one is available. If you still have problems even with different pads, you could try a different disc such as metal gear, EBC etc.

    If the bike is still under warranty, the dealerships hands might be tied and can only replace with another genuine part, which may not fix your problem. They have done the right thing by first "treating" the rotor, which I assume means sanding, & have hopefully sanded the pads as well, as a first step. But as this has not worked try telling them. Also ask if they could call Hyosung to see if they can do anything about it.
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    as above.
    I don't know what they mean by "treat" the discs but I'd machine them if they were glazed AND replace the pads.
    I also wouldn't go for a different type of pad.
    What is fitted and what is recommended for your discs?
    Make sure that if the Bike is supposed to have anti-squeal shims that they are in place.
    Also, Synthetic Brake Grease on the back of the pads can help. Don't use a Copper Grease even though sometimes it is recommended. CRC Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease can work. DON'T get it on the front of the pads.

    Forgot to add that IF the pads and discs are glazing you need to work out why. usually the pads aren't releasing fully and there is a heat build up from too much constant contact that glazes them over. It could be due to the pistons not retracting far enough or the pads not "sticking" to the pistons or riding the brakes a lot or a poor bed-in procedure.
  8. My understanding is they treat the disc by wiping it down with alcohol... You could try swapping the sintered pads out for organic, they wont last as long, also make sure you bed them in properly...
  9. thanks guys. have taken note of all your commetns.
  10. I have a cb900hornet and fron brakes squeal, great to scare pedestrians at crossings lol, it rains, and they dont squeal :) get used to it, I read in shock where your wife wont use the front brakes cause of the squeal?? Err, back brakes dont stop you, front brakes do!!
    each to their own tho
  11. i told her she is gonna go down......she says the noise comes in so loud is scares her.

    it has startled me as well as it come in about 75% of the time. when it comes in.....you know about it.

    fcuking HYODUNGS......that machine will never let us rest.
  12. I haves 2007Hornet900 & my brakes squeal under firm braking in those last moments before complete stop. Thr brakes are from the 600 Hornet, so the extra weight of the 900 is a bit demanding for them. I changed to a slightly harder pad. After getting used to it found slightly better braking and no squel since.