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Front brake noise, ZZR250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jirf88, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Hi all;

    Got a question about brakes. The front brake on my bike is making a 'grinding' sort of noise. Not an odd noise, it just sounds as if the pad is ever so slightly in contact with the disk. I had the bike in for its 6000k service just recently and asked them to look at this, but they just didn't. I wasn't charged for this, so I really can't be bothered to take it back when I might be able to do this myself.

    The question, I suppose, is are there any adjustments on the brakes for how close the pad sits to the disk, and will I need to bleed the brakes afterwards? Of course I could be completely wrong, so offer up your thoughts.

    I'm fairly mechanically minded, and I do basic maintenance myself (oil filters, spark plugs, etc) This sort of stuff interests me, so I figure why not.

    Cheers all :)
  2. I can hear a swooshing kind of sound when I roll my ZZR around in the carport. As far as I know, it is completely normal. The pads are meant to auto-adjust, and in order to do so they might make some light contact with the disc. As long as you don't come home from a ride with a red hot disc (which may cause warping) there's nothing to worry about.

    Some reading on maintenance for GPX/ZZR brakes can be found here.
  3. Interesting.

    However, they aren't new pads. I can hear the noise fairly clearly when I'm moving at speed. Just a bit concerned that the disk will glaze or warp.

    I'll go for a ride and only use the front brake lightly, then see if its hot to touch when I get home.
  4. better re-type this...

    Take off the caliper, take out the pads and push the pistons back in, and reassemble.
    A bleed probably wouldn't hurt either.
  5. You think the pistons might have some, err, gunk on them? Can't hurt I suppose.

    Reading here says that this could also be the hex nuts that hold the caliper being too tight, or the torque link nut being too tight. Just went and had a look at the bike, the caliper hex nuts are pretty easy to spot. The torque link nut, however... can anyone enlighten me? Judging by the other info on that site, I'm thinking that only the back brake has one...

  6. not to sure what a torque nut is.
    I wouldn't surprised if it was gunk in the caliper. at least pulling it apart gives you something to do :p

    nothing about the torque nut with my bike.
  7. True story. Ill have a crack at it tomorrow and see how we go.

    The worst thing that can happen is that a break it and have to get my MacGuyver neighbour to come help me fix it.
  8. swishing and so on is normal to a degree. if it is grinding like a mother intercourse and there is grooves in the disk then your pads might be cactus. you can see how much meat is on the pads without removing the caliper. at 6000 they should still have at least a few thou more to go unless you hammer them.
    and it might be a good idea not to touch your disk after you stop. them be hot
    and the tourqe link is on the back..
    prob just worn or got some shit in them.
  9. Little bit of a necro, but I don't like to leave loose ends.

    Got some time yesterday to rip the front brake off the bike yesterday, had a good look around... plenty of meat left on the pads, took them out, no gunk under them or on the pistons...

    So I'm not really sure what's causing this. Took the bike for a spin up and down my street a few times w/o using the front brake (that was an interesting experience, but probably good to know how fast the bike can stop in the event of some bizarre hydraulics failure) and when I got back they were still stone cold.

    So my bet is that its nothing serious, I'm just doing my thing with picking up on every noise the bike makes. Honestly, if there's a loose nut, I'll know about it.

    Thanks all for your input though.

  10. Spray the rotor buttons with brake cleaner, and see if you can spin them to clean out any dirt that may be lodged there.
    They may be stopping the rotors from floating, and gives the impression that the disc may be slightly warped, hence why the pads only touch on part of the spin cycle.
  11. I had a similary swooshing noise at about 8000kms. found that the pads had worn down to the metal. got them replaced just in time before they started to grind the discs, now I use more engine braking.