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Front Brake Light Switch for Honda Spada

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I need a new Front Brake Light Switch for my Honda Spada. The one I got isn't completing a circuit when the little button gets pushed (and so my multimeter tells me), so I get no brake light when I hit the front brakes.

    When I just rocked on down to the Honda Dealer, they quoted me $56 for it + 4 weeks to ship in from Japan.

    I've just used findapart.com.au, but this part isn't really custom per bike is it? I should just be able to go get an aftermarket bit?

    Here's a pic of the sucker.


    Thanks for any info.

  2. looks just like a microswitch in fancy moulding?? whats the dimensions....surely you can "make one to fit"
  3. About 5 x 5. All it is, is push down the button in, it compeltes a circuit for the 2 probes.

    I could make one out of a paperclip, which is why for $56 I feel I'm getting ripped off substantially.

    I'm in the process of cracking open the stuffed bit now.

    Shrug, I could understand $5-$10, but $56?
  4. Do you hear a "click" sound when you apply the front brake lever?

    When the switch is pushed in, it should cut the circuit (brake lights off), when the switch is released the circuit should be complete (brake lights on).

    You might find that the switch is not making contact with the brake lever at all.

    I had the same issue with my NSR (the switch assembly looks identical, well very similar). I added a laptop track point nib to the end of the switch so that there was contact.

    I will upload a pick to show you if I can find it again.

    Stay tuned...

    Edit: This is what I meant. (35kb img)
  5. go easy on the casing....slice it if you can....might be able to fix the insides and glue back together again......

    what about wreckers....sureley they have a used swith for less than $56
  6. It's just that little part. I pulled it off the bike, attached the multimeter to it, clicked in, clicked out, it's not completing a circuit. If I complete the circuit with the normal leads, light goes on fine.

    And yep, why I used findapart.com.au to send out the e-mail to the local wreckers. Just want to know if a standard aftermarket part will fit for this one, or if I have to find a wrecked spada.
  7. a few of the wreckers in the JUST BIKES rag list that they are wrecking SPADAS. (Could be tall stories too)

    from what your telling me...any momentary contact swith will do.....connect your leads to it and mount under brake lever. should all be good then. (some technical knowledge assumed but the fact your doing it yourself says you have enough)
  8. $56? What a rip off!!! That's exactly the same switch I bought for my old CB250. Paid $17 from my local Honda dealer, off the shelf. He sort of hinted it was kind of a universal fitment across most models. Find a better dealer, dude.
  9. Went down to the one Honda Dealer who normally has everything (or at least the guy who works on the spares counter on the weekend rocks). It's Honda Dealership on the Princess Highway in Sydney. I always forget their name.

    $17.90 for the part, which is standard across all Honda Motorbikes. And as usual they had it in stock.

    Fitted it on in the parking lot, bingo works perfectly.
  10. MCS do an after market switch for hondas which is used on heaps of the same model. It cost around $20. Go to any store that stocks MCS brand aftermarket parts.