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Front Brake lever hits grip on first FIRM application

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by VCM, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Not sure if this is normal on a bike . ( on a car its a definite NO! )
    I find if I apply my front brake ( very firmly ) .. I can get it to kiss the grip. If I pump it a few times it stays about an inch away from the grip.
    I fitted new pads and discs about a month ago. BTW
    This ONLY happens if I press the brake lever VERY HARD.. on light application its fine. .. is this normal???
    I first thought the system needed bleeding, so Ive done that a few times .. no air bubbles...no change. I've even checked for visual signs of the brake hose expanding ( thinking it may be fatigued )
    Is it possible that the seal in the caliper is cauising this sponginess.

  2. Yup normal, unless you already have braided lines. The pump up your getting is the std brake hoses expanding.

  3. Thanks Bob .. have been worried about it for weeks. So its normal to be able to kiss the grip with brake lever if you pull VERY hard ( bike stationary of course )
  4. Yup, in fact at most learner courses they try and make you pull the lever all the way in till it hits the grip.
    It teaches you to squeeze and not jab at the front brake in an emergency
  5. You dont know how relieved this makes me .... :)
    I was begining to worry I'd be out on a ride one day, only to discover I lost my front brake :shock:
  6. While VTRBobs advice might be perfectly correct, without seeing the bike, he should advise you to have it checked by a professional, which is what you should do, you don't have doubts about brakes and not get them checked properly IMHO.
  7. So did the lever used to touch the grip before you fitted the new pads?

    I'm guessing you need to re-bleed the brakes, because it only touches the first time and then is fine after a few pumps.

    Should only take you a few minutes to check.
  8. It does rather depend on the bike.

    If I could do that in the R1100, I'd be worried. Whereas, on my old MZ TS250, even after rebuilding everything, the lever would come all the way back to the bars and you'd still feel like you were going faster. Poor man's ABS :grin: .

    I assume the SL's a dirt bike with longish forks and a long, flexible front brake line. If that's the case, I'd concur with those who reckon it's normal.

    Mind you, depending on how long the fluid's been in there, you might see some benefit from flushing and bleeding the system.
  9. I'd flush and bleed, should have maximum lever stroke without hitting the bars.
    Or, it could have an aftemarket lever.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Just to confirm what I posted, whilst out on my ride earlier. I not only checked my VTR and XV but several other bikes at the two open shops we have up here on Sundays.
    Squeezing firmly as the OP stated on EVERY bike I tested I could get the brake lever to came back and 'kiss' the grip or come damn close.

  11. Yep, my apologies, just did it to mine as well :oops:
  12. Toecutter .... I cant remember to be honest :oops:

    PatB ... Dual purpose .. so I gues similar?? :wink:

    Andrew... You are right, it is an aftermarket lever .. I replaced both when I bought the bike :idea:

    Thanks Guys .. I guess I shouldnt panic then, just was concerned as I am used to maintaining cars .. not bikes so wasnt sure.