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Front brake click.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nüber, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Lately the front brakes have me a bit concerned.

    The bike is a very dangerous 150cc yamaha as it is.

    I set up, squeeze on and about halfway through application I get this loud click sound.

    There is also a felt vibration through the brake lever. What can cause this? Surely the pads have nit had it in 8k kms of city riding?

    Its really strange as if I had to guess it sounds/feels like the pad is shifting a few mm when I brake.

    Am I about to have a brake failure scenario or is that pretty standard brake wear?


  2. Remove the pads, check for stones and garbage in the pad area, check them for wear and replace them if needed. Pad removal is usually a breeze.
    Failure would usually come from fluid loss but might come if a pad isn't seated properly. Be very hard for a pad to work loose and drop out though.

    Possibly also your disc is warped which could give that vibration and it might give a "click" as the pad hits the disc during part of the revolution - probably check that first.
  3. Ok thanks, I will pull her apart and see what happens. Im guessing best to get a new set of pads before attempting this.

    Would a warped disk be covered under warranty?
  4. Probably not. Check with them if it is warped though.
    I'd check for warping before pulling anything apart. You should be able to visually see it or even feel it if you spin the front wheel and look up between the disc and the pads. Slight pressure on the brake lever may help.
  5. Very doubtful as they can claim it was due to excessive emergency braking due to wreckless behavior etc. Friend of my had similar scenario.
  6. i dont suppose its the light switch is it? does it do it when you are stationary?

    also, does it do it every time you put the brakes on or only the first time since you started it and all sequential ones are fine
  7. I see, thanks for that I will have to borrow a mates stand to check it but will do that first.

    It kind of done it intermittently while braking Ie once and then not, but seems to be every time brakes are applied now.

    also only happens while the bike is moving never when stationary.

    Cheers for the replies, I would never have thought it could be the disk.
  8. check that all the bolts are tight, it might be the calliper or rotor moving slightly
  9. Check the top tripple clamp bolts, specially the central main one. Under braking the load on the upper clamp changes and if not tight enough it will make a click noise like you have described.
  10. It sounds to me as though the pads are sticking on the pad pins, and click loudly when the pistons force them to move. Get the shop to check that the pins are okay. I had it happen in a rear brake caliper.