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front at the edge, rear .5cm in.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by murchy, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. So after my recent track day, I've been thinking about tyres and lean and all sorts of other cool things.

    What really got me to thinking was that my was showing wear right to the edge, but my rear still had ~0.5cm of space left to lean.
    I don't want to lose the front pushing for more lean, so I'm wondering if what's causing it - suspension? tyres? rider error?

    I'm using Bridgestone BT056's, 120/60/17 front, 160/60/17 rear.
  2. Different profiles...the second number is the aspect ratio, in your case 60%.

    60% of 120 on a probably 3.5" rim
    60% of 160 on a ...4.5-5" rim..

    the SHAPE of the front vs rear tyre will be different.. (by design)

    BTW.. lean angle is not all there is to cornering.....
  3. No, but if you are cranked over hard it's preferable to run out of rear first. IMHO of course :D.
  4. Thanks Mike, yeah I know lean angle isn't everything, but almost everyone I've spoken to said that rear should run out before front, and its not uncommon to see 1cm unused on the front when the rear is at the edge.
  5. I'm with pat (although I don't ride the track), better to still be gripping at the front.....

  6. You haven't said what bike we are talking about.....

    It could be that oem spec front tyre is 120/70-17, not 120/60-17.

    120/70 is a very common front tyre size for sports bikes.
  7. its a 2011 hyosung gt650r, oem spec is 120/60.
  8. Didn't the original R6's use a 60 profile? Horrible front end with it. Much better with the 70.
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  10. yeop my r6 is supposed to have a 60 but i ran a 70 for better contact patch at the limit.

    it was a tight fit under the guard but it just fits.

    like i said on fb mate swap those tyres out for something different and a 70 series front, then pull the forks thru the triple clamps about 5mm and it should be good.
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