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Front and rear brake discs are warped

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nightgash, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Recently I have had a pulsating sensation occurring when I put on the front brake and the rear brake. It is if the disc or discs are warped causing a high or low spot with pads grabbing then letting go of the disc every rotation. It is very annoying and is not very safe.

    A work college told me that instead of having to replace my front two and rear disc on my FZR250R I could get them flattened if they were warped. He said his friend had warped discs and he had them flattened at a third of the price to buy new. He said they clamp them and put them into a furness to heat up to straighten them.

    Is there anywhere in Melbourne where I can get this done? Or could they get machined if they are not too thin?
  2. You've checked the thickness of the discs to make sure they don''t need replacing anyway right? I would think it weird that front and back are acting up at exactly the same time.
  3. Those discs are what stops you - I'd be replacing not refurbishing
  4. Why? Disc rotors get machined all the time because they develop high spots. Anyone recommend some good places around melbourne that won't rip me off who specialize in fixing disc rotors?

    I think the reason why they got a little warped was because I overheated them practicing emergency stops from 100 km/h. Or they had high spots on them before and the emergency stops make the problem a lot more noticeable.
  5. What bike?

    Is it a floating caliper/s or floating disc/s?
  6. 93 FZR250R floating front discs
  7. I get the discs on my car machined regularly, but replace them when they need it. I kinda think that if my bike brakes needed to be heated and reset, then maybe its time to invest in new discs??

    Maybe I'm getting it wrong, being a newbie with a new bike, and thinking like a Mum - reduce the risk to oneself! :)
  8. Never heard of them but will keep them in mind
  9. I'm with Bonkers (how many people would admit to that?). Particularly early 90s bikes. They tend to have thin discs to start with and warp easily as they wear a bit.

    Check the recommended thickness.
  10. Had the front brake pulsing too. A local here in Mildura straighten my warped front rotors using a dial guage and a soft hammer..gently.