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From two wings, to two wheels...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Flyboy, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hi there guys n girls!
    I'm Adam, a near 21 y.o bloke who has finally found the guts to stand up to the parents and tell them I'm buying a bike. Ever since I can remember I've wanted a road bike. Dad has always had a CBX1000, since well before they had us kids. She still sits in the shed with 7800kms on the clock and this awe inspiring way of telling us, 'touch me, even breathe on me, your father will shoot you'... Can't say I blame him though. Whenever I bring up buying my own I hear the same words of wisdom from him, 'I can't trust me on one, so I can't trust you either'. Guess a lad can be too much like his dad huh.

    Anyways, I've just had my one big break. I've just fallen (through being a pilot no less :-s) into a job in the mines. So I'm off to buy my new toy. Ive got the L plates and Ive decided I'm getting a CB400 with the ABS. That bit is as much for mum as myself, she's wanted a bike of her own for years and having 3 boys who live to burn petrol, 2 of which who were silly enough to want to be pilots, has seen her dream put on the back burner. So I'll be sendin the bike back home for her to ride, and I'll go home to ride it when I can.

    Anyways, I grew up on a farm in my younger years and rode trail bikes and I have ridden the odd big dirt bike over the years, but I don't mind telling you, I'm no Mick Doohan that's for sure. I've done eight years of sprint kart racing, been waterskiing since I could walk or near enough, and I'm an aerobatics fiend so not much worries me, but big bikes have always made me wary of pain. That said, I still can't wait to see what this opportunity might bring. And that's why I'm here...

    Being new to this, and having a dad who wants to see nothing more than me stay safe, I've decided to pull my head in and seek the advice of whoever is willing to give it to me. As they say up in the sky, that day you stop learning is the day you die...

    First up, I would love to know what you suggest I get myself kitted out with. I'm a big bloke, (5'11" and 105kgs) and I'm all about safety. So riding gear and some advice on bags etc to carry gear on would be appreciated. (I am old school for the most part, and I love leather jackets as opposed to the newer style gear). Also, some riding tips wouldn't go astray. I did test ride the 400 yesterday and felt instantly comfortable on the bike. This surprised me as its the first time I've ever ridden on the road, and worried me because I know all about how hidden dangers can kill you, so any advice on how to stay shiny side up would make me forever grateful.

    So, if you have gotten this far, g'day and I'm pleased to meet you. Thanks for your interest and hopefully I haven't made too many mistakes with the old spelling. Cheers guys, hope to hear from you all soon!
  2. Welcome Adam, A good introduction ;) They say the branch does not fall too far from the tree so in temperament you may be like your father but these things can be self fulfilling prophesies too. If you think you can't trust yourself then you can't, if you think I will take time, develop my skills and enjoy the experience then that prophesy will also come true. Riding is what you make of it. If you have become a pilot then your entire training will have been geared towards: what can go wrong, what would I do under those circumstances, what are my options, these skills transplant to riding.

    Good luck, advice on gear would probably be easier if you said where you are based?
  3. Welcome Adam, I have a 20 and 22 year old boys and reckon I'd probably tell them similar to what your dad told you, mind you, I have snuck my young sonon the back a couple of times!!
    Good of you to think of your mum with sending the bike back to her to enjoy while youre away, as cjvfr mentions, your clothing needs to be practical to your environment, leather is best abbrasion protector, and if you fall, just like a plane, it's the sudden stop that hurts the most, so stay upright :)
  4. Cheers guys. To be honest CJVFR I should be pretty right with the self control thing. We have been around dangerous pastimes since we were young. Planes and guns, fast cars and boats and all of that fun stuff. I'm a strong believer in knowing ones limits, and operating inside them at all times. You can't control lots of things, but that bit you can... Goddie, it was always a massive treat for us to get on the back of dads bike, I'll bet your lads love it. I'm currently all over the place, I Live in Merimbula, NSW which is where the bike will live. I'll also be up and down to Brisbane and Mackay as well, and we have the snowy mountains right on our doorstep down home which will be nice to cruise with dad through. So yeah, the temperature variations will be fairly decent.. Thanks for your interest fellas :)
  5. Did I read that right? You've scored a piloting job in the mines? Well done. CPL and only 21.

    Ok about the bike stuff - First of all, good skills and attitude trumps good gear. Gear will not reduce the likelihood of an incident, only the consequence.

    Where are you going to ride the bike? The wrong gear in the wrong climate can have a major impact on your riding safety.

    By the way, just on the ABS, it wont decrease the probability of an incident. Learn to brake and ride your bike like you don't have ABS.
  6. G'day rob.

    Firstly mate, I've just spent bloody ages reading some of your posts in the newbies section, and thankyou! There really is some awesome stuff there. As for the job, Ill be on the machines for pay, and flying the boss around on my weeks off. That CPL flight test is booked in for a few weeks away. Scary s#!t haha!

    They convinced me on the ABS with the oil at an intersection scenario, but I do see your point and I agree. I learnt to drive in a WB ute with none of that mambo jumbo so I'll aim to do just that. ill probably spend my time on the bike riding the NSW far south coast and up on the Monaro, so the temps will be anywhere from 8 or 10 through to low 30's in summer. To be honest, I'm not a 'cool kid' and as much as I'd like to look good on my bike, I'd rather be safe and by the sounds of it, comfortable
  7. A CBX1000 what a fantastic-looking bike.
    I wish I had one so that I could ride it every day, though I might be too afraid to park it in the city here and I'm not entirely sure I'd trust myself with it either, yet.
  8. Welcome to NR. (y)

    Hope all goes well with your job, bike and getting the right gear!
  9. Thanks fellas, yeah the CBX is one of the family... Hopefully soon it'll get some more use