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From the west

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by malJohann, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. G'day guys, Johann from the west of Melbourne here, I've had my Duke 390 for six weeks now. In that time I've put on 2,477 clicks, commuting 60km per day to the CBD and back and going on two breakfast runs, one to Anglesea the weekend after I got the bike, and one to Lorne this past Sunday with some friends. Its my fourth bike, and the most fun one to date, on my third Learner's too (the first two expired) so I have at least a little bit of experience on the road.

  2. Howdy welcome aboard.
  3. Welcome. It must have been a bit expensive doing your Ls three times. Never mind third time's the charm eh?
  4. Welcome to NR...
  5. Welcome, Uncle Greg's Epic Saturday arvo ride leaves from Saturday practice in Elwood/Stkilda most weeks. Come down and say hello and perhaps go for the arvo ride.
  6. Welcome mate. I'm from the west too. Lookin forward to see your duke 390 around the area
  7. Cheers for the welcome guys!

    Nah mate, two of them I got in South-Africa, not too expensive and only expired because I couldn't drag my bum over to do my fulls (twice!).

    Tell me more? Who is Uncle Greg? Why is it Epic? How many riders? What address, when, and how do I find out if its on that week?

    Cheers mate, might have seen you, I'm from Point Cook. What do you ride?
  8. @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg is our resident rake, you will need to meet him to truly experience the essence that is Uncle Greg. ;)

    If you look in the Victoria Ride and Announcements Sub forum you will see the info. Saturday practice is held behind the BP station in Elwood/StKilda next to the marina every Saturday morning. Often a Saturday learner friendly ride starts from there around midday, no of riders is variable 5 - 20 or so why is it epic? UG doesn't like things that are not Epic in nature ;)

    Now the weather is improving Sunday often has a full day ride as well.
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  9. Sounds epic! I'll check it out.
  10. Welcome Maljohann.

    Van waar in Suid Africa is jy?

    Love my Duke as well!

  11. Ag dankie man! Born in Bloem, lived in WC for a while, then off to Johies to work. Left from there to come to Aussie for work, still here after five years. Miss the family, but no current plans to go back since we had our first born.