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From the Spurs

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by K1W1, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. 1.





  2. Awesome pics......
    Road reflection on the visor of the first pic is my fav!
  3. I like that accessory on the back of bike in the 2nd pic. Need to get me one of those.
  4. Nice shots..the top down shot of the pair is great...very print worthy.
  5. great pics mate!
  6. They're very expensive! are you sure?
  7. Magic work!!!
  8. +1 to this
  9. Cool pics!

    But that last bloke with the cheese grater on his face... that's the campest thing i've seen today.
  10. what do you expect from a tractor driver:-s
  11. What the??? #6. What is that he is wearing on his face? An iron clad mask? Looks like something off the set of 'silence of the lambs'.
  12. I do like that first shot very much...................not sure about the last guy who looks like he's an extra out of Hellraiser. Each to their own I guess.
  13. i was thinking that too, what a wanker :p
  14. he must have been wearing some left over costume gear from mad max 2....

    you can imagine him coming off, the spikes breaking off his hannibal lecter mask then unfortunately going up into his eyes?
  15. Fantastic shots mate, you def know your way round a camera with that DOF and the clarity on the panning angles. I'm guessing D700 or 5Dmk2 or better?
  16. Thanks for all the comments. I have plenty of more from the area so I'll go through the archives at some stage and see what I can find. As far as cameras the shots posted were mainly D300 but there is at least one and maybe two that were taken with a little D50.
  17. The cheesegrater mask is such a wank. As are skull masks. Why do some cruiser riders make such wanks of themselves?
  18. Probably the same reason some sportbike riders think they're Valentino Rossi.
    Delusions of grandeur, and most likely have hero complexes.

    Notall of us cruiser riders are tosspots, in fact, the majority are just like all other bike riders, we just enjoy a different style of bike is all.
  19. Tractor or not, you do see the odd cruiser rider who can ride rings around a lot of the sporties.
    (OK, not all.)
  20. I blame the movies. :D

    Although 'Sons of Anarchy' is frikkin awesome! (and technically a series not a movie)