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From the other side of the windscreen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ricknet, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. My wife came home from work today and told me about a traumatised work colleague who was driving back from a country trip.
    As she was coming over a crest a motorcycle appeared right in front of her and pretty much hit her head on. The lady had the family pet and her young child on board. Although she and the pet were restrained in the car they were injured by the impact, however luckily the young child was not.
    Unfortunately the rider faired much worse (surviving). Despite doing everything right my wife’s colleague has not slept since the accident. Closing her eyes all she can see is the rider heading towards her. Who knows how long this will affect her for? Who knows how long it will affect the rider and his family for? She feels absolutely dreadful at just the thought that the rider was injured.
    By witness accounts the rider was weaving onto the wrong side of double lines to pass traffic just before the accident.
    The numbers are already against us riders in regards to injuries and fatalities in accidents, and then there are the unknowns that are a bit of a lottery. Ride safe so that your number does not come up.

  2. That's terrible news.

    Hope those involved have a speedy recovery.
  3. I thought the same way about the young guy that hit me ,it was entirely his fault and he admitted to that but I still felt sorry for him because he'll see the image of me laying on the side of the road with my leg almost torn off and bleeding all over the place , I think if she finds out how the rider is doing it might help as it usually does when they know he'll be ok .
  4. Absolutely terrible news, for all. I hope your wife's work colleague seeks and receives trauma counselling ... it's somethign that neither party shoudl have to go through.
  5. You lot are amazing! You can a 17y.o girl looking for a pillion ride but in this thread not one word of criticism for the d1ckhead rider who was weaving across double lines to overtake & crashes head on into a poor woman with her child & dog on board doing the right thing. Lets read his his post about the sheila in the car that hit him! The double standards that I've seen running rampant in this forum since I joined has had my head spinning!
  6. [-X I dont believe any person that has posted to this topic 'canned' the 17yo looking for a pillion ride :jerk:
  7. splitting hairs mate! & you from memory were one of the people who canned her but I didn't see you say what a jerk this guy was! does this mean you don't condone her actions but do condone his? Sera's was quite legal but this idiot was illegal & dangerous & put other people's lives in very real & factual danger! My deepest sympathies go the people in the car not the jerk on the bike!
  8. cough, cough, actulay i think a few people thought the worst before me and a few others shook the cage.. benefit of the doubt people. were bikers we get a short shift, we should NOT do the same to others just cause some of us are insecure
  9. Not hairs at all .. just your soapbox.
    I canned her for not following advice, her age disclosure later revealing why .. not for wanting a pillion
  10. :WStupid:

    </Netrider politics>

    condolences for the rider's family, and the driver, I'm sure she did all she could to avoid the accident short of harming herself and family.
  11. hmmmmm, not to get too controversial too early....but
    accident, 17yo, accident, 17yo, accident, 17yo, nup dont get the relevance.

    accidents happen and somebody is usually at fault, you know the saying "sometimes you are the bug....sometimes you are the windscreen?"

    unfortunate for all concerned, especially the car driver who (i guess) wasnt at fault. i am sure the rider is giving him/herself an uppercut as we speak.
  12. when i had my accident it was the drivers fault, and she was more stressed afterwards than i was. i was in shock when i stopped sliding and she came running over screaming and crying "i hit a boy i hit a boy" i had to pretty much comfort her. it is a pretty traumatic thing to see anothe human being flyer over/into your car/windscreen.

    wish a speedy recovery to the rider, and maybe he learns his lesson about double lines. ( i did when i got my fine) and i hope that your wifes work collegue gets better. it helped the lay who hit me by me calling her telling her that im ok andgetting better. apparently she was quite distraught for a few weeks.

    and lady yamaha, double standards are everywere. the guy was a dickhead, we all know that, but i think the topic was more aimed at ricknets wifes work collegue (say that 5 times fast)
  13. fcuk! :mad:

    I'm mad because I'm guilty of the behaviour this rider showed. I lecture Egiste and others about responsible riding but then get frustrated with traffic and do it myself.

    Mostly though, I'm angry because this sort of thing has to happen before I take a good hard look at myself and I know I should know better.

    And even more I'm just pissed off cause people get hurt needlessly. :(

    My best wishes to all involved and I hope that everyone recovers from the physical and emotional trauma they've suffered. :)
  14. Thankfully, I've only crossed double-lines once. It was wet, it was phenomenally windy, and a gust tossed me across. I will never willingly repeat it ever.

    My dad does, and if he reads this, I hope he learns from it (not likely).

    The poor lady doesn't deserve that. I, like others have said, hope that she seeks counselling for it. I hope she finds a good night's rest.

    Sorry if this offends, but I don't feel the least bit sorry for the rider. He was being stupid and payed for it. I do feel for his family, though. They don't deserve it.
  15. We can bag cages all we like, but the statistics still show that over 50% of motorcycle accidents involving injury are single vehicle accidents....I think perhaps it would be good to concentrate on reducing those accidents rather than what other road users do.
    Crossing double lines on crests and corners, inexcusable.
    And we wonder why motorcyclists have a reckless, arrogant image........

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Goddamn right.
  17. If the motorcyclist was over a double unbroken line, then clearly he was at fault, whatever the outcome.

    Moments of madness can often lead to lifetimes of grief, but we are such selfish people sometimes, we don't think about the impact of what we do on others, and we SHOULD.......
  18. and what about the other 50% who are they caused by? other drivers hitting you.

    two main threats - over confidence, and other drivers

    its still 50/50 (approx), why dont they do both - improve rider training AND have more emphasis on rider awareness on the road? I havent seen a motorcycle safety awareness campaign for a while now (in NSW)

    agreed - sorry to hear of his injuries though, hope he recovers
  19. Typhoon/andrew You are absolutely right.
  20. Ah yes, but let's be consistent here;single-vehicle bike acidents are mainly caused by........???

    Speed, over-confidence, drugs/alcohol or a combination thereof, or plain stupidity, as in the current example.

    The other 50% involving cars are, in many cases, accidents in the pure sense of the word; unavoidable combinations of circumstances. The CAUSES of each of the 50% are very different.

    Andrew's hit the nail on the head; we are to a large extent our own worst enemies with some of our behaviour patterns.

    {And what about Stookie's accident? He was tipped off his bike by an idiot ON A BIKE!!}