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From the "Not even the department of transport respects the law" file…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Ha.ha....... why dont you send it to them mate, requesting an explanation......
  3. That's one of my pet peeves. In Victoria, most people stop with at least their front wheels over the line. Sometimes people stop with their entire car in front. And if they do manage to stop before the line, they often start edging over it before the light turns green, before taking off at sloth speed. It's annoying and unsafe for riders trying to filter when they can't get to the front because cars are sticking out into the intersection. It's not policed. In fact, the police do it too.

    What I don't get, though, is why it's so damn difficult. If you can't stop a car before a line then you probably shouldn't be driving one in the first place.
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  4. Dob them in, hoon hotline.
  5. OK, what are we supposed to be looking at here?
  6. A car violating the hell out of the "stop here if the light is red" line, which isn't out of the ordinary. However, a DOT vehicle makes it almost funny.
  7. These people baffle me the most. Creeeep forward on red, creeeep forward on red, creeeep forward on red until almost sticking out into the cross-traffic, and the very instant the lights turn green, they cease inching forward and sit there for about 5 seconds, apparently baffled at the notion of now being able to enter the intersection legally.

    If they're in such a rush that they've gotta creep forward to be 2 metres closer to their destination before the lights change, why aren't they launching like a top-fuel dragster? :|
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  8. People driving automatics, too lazy to apply enough pressure to the brake pedal to stop the car creeping forward. Jack's right, not policed and the police do it too.
  9. Well, beats this guy that I saw today:


    (Not embedding because it's ~2M8).
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  10. He's clearly filtering. Crossing the advanced stop line is one of charges when we do it, ergo.....he's filtering.

    Love ya work Grue, you crack me up.
  11. Oh that's win!!! In Melbourne if you film long enough you know you're going to catch someone. It's gunna suck when it's one of us though :p
  12. Man, some of the footage I've gotten so far… wait until you see the one from two nights ago. Gotta pump it through some stuff to try and bring out a bit more detail because it was at night, but sheesh.
  13. Send it to the Hun, they can have a go at the government which they love. I don't have a Vic address so they would ignore me.
  14. Quoted for truth. Except you forgot to add '...and then have the gall to blitz riders for it'
  15. Wanna hear something funny? Out of habit I nodded to two separate motocops today, and both nodded back. I think the gopro inspires civility :rofl:
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  16. Lmao...
  17. I love nodding threads
  18. I'm lost, then. Because there is no link, nor is there any images in the OP showing this.

    I'm running Firefox in case it's a browser thing.
  19. Nope, I can see the image. FF5 on OSX.
  20. Your ISP might be in the netblocks I've blocked from my server, I'll rehost it :)