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From the "not doing motorcyclists any favours" file:

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evilsnoofy, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. The Age:


  2. That's much cheaper than NSW.
  3. that's a hell of a lot cheaper then qld as well.

    i got stung for 933 for doing 49km over. same 8 points though
  4. Wonder if he still got a ride afterwards...
  5. Not overly bright, the police are always there....
  6. "Hoon driving is in the spotlight in Victoria following the deaths of five young men in a horror crash in Melbourne's north last Sunday."

    The driver was 0.19BAC, and yet all the focus is on "hoons"? This is all one huge media-ratings-led cock-up.
  7. Now the RG thread makes a lot more sense :)
  8. Pleeeeease wont someone think of the children !!!!
  9. To hell with the children, spare a thought for me! I actually drove past this guy on the way to Ringwood this morning. By that stage he was stationary, sitting on the side of the road and not looking very happy at all. Deservedly so.

    At 200kmh+ though when other vehicles would be doing at best 100kmh there's such a disparity between moving objects that with the reduced reaction time available he could easily have ended up in the back of a car that didn't see him and changed lanes in front of him. Think of it this way, you're doing 100kmh down the freeway and a person suddenly steps out into the road. That's the reality of what he could have been facing.

    -1 for speeding in a populated area,
    -1 for speeding after some idiotic crashes have raised pressure on police to come down hard on drivers that lack a survival instinct,
    -1 for speeding on any of the major Melbourne freeways which are very heavily patrolled.

    3 times a loser in my book. At least he has plenty of time to think about what he did.
  10. Besides being loud, expensive, smelly, annoying, and weird looking, yet another reason to loathe children is that so many bad laws are passed "for them" :nopity:
  11. Fragbait............100%

    OK, who was it?

  12. If a society of people stupid enough to step onto a freeway represents reality, I weep for the future. Nobody stupid enough to do such a thing can add much to the gene pool.
  13. Some dcik does over 200kmph on a bike and we're all 'hoons'

    Car driver does same and its, 'oh well, whats on the telly'

    Nuff said.

  14. With the size of his fine he could have bought a return trip to Lake Leake Rd
  15. wonder if he was in 5th or 6th gear ](*,)
  16. He must have been on a Honda Fireblade 929, stuck in first gear. 8-[
  17. You've totally missed the analogy.
  18. Not at all.
  19. Not to mention the "weapon" used in the crime was some 10 times heavier, increasing the potential for destruction exponentially...