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From the Herald Sun - Driver with furniture

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FastR1Red, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. From the Herald Sun,,,
    Read the comments, a bit naughty.
    Mrs Petunia Morningstone of Far North Melbourne Posted at 1:16 PM July 02, 2010
    I am going to employ this tactic in future to stop impatient motor-cyclists and bicycle riders who "lane-split" and think it's OK to ride up between two motor vehicles on freeways and at traffic lights. How about a few $468 fines for those clowns?

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  2. Mindless bigots posting in the Herald-Sun reader comments? I'd be more surprised if there wasn't one.
  3. i vote let her do it. won't stop a single rider, and if it were to stop a rider it'll be a lot more than a measly 500, be closer to culpable driving/overloaded vehicle/GBH
  4. What a biatch! Mrs Petunia
  5. Mrs Petunia is just Ken Lay's Pseudonym.
  6. With a name like Petunia, I smell troll.
  7. I suspect it's a p1sstake by a rider. A bit like "Fiona from Toorak" that used to post in the Hun comments all the time bitching about the "poor people from poor suburbs". :)

    Besides I still like the BBQ on the bike guy better. That took effort where any fool can stick a box out a window...
  8. I think i about wet myself laughing at that guy :D good effort indeed! XD
  9. Wasn't 'Petunia' the wife of Vitalstatistix (Chief of the Gauls) in 'Asterix and Obelix' ? :p
  10. No, that was Impedimenta. :)
  11. Oh crap, of course ! Thanks TonyE (y)
    As an Asterix and Obelix enthusiast (as a child..hehe) I can't believe I got that all wrong !
    Surely, one of the clan was known under that name ???

  12. You read Tin Tin too didn't you?
  13. I Did!

    not asterix though.
  14. Mate, how did ya know ?!
    Loved Tin Tin...in fact, found the complete set of comic books ~ 6yrs ago at a Los Angeles news agency, which I bought, of course !

    The complete set of episodes is also available on DVD...'accidentally' managed to stumble on those also :)