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From the "And you think the Victorian Government is bad

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pvda, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Found this on the Aust Superbike Series web site. Although no source is mentioned I have no reason to believe it's not true

    Click here
  2. Awwww ya can have plenny o'fun with 100 horsepower anyway.

    / Hornet sits on 98.7ps
    // OK you got me, I want more.
    /// Slashy McSlashSlash
  3. You gotta give the French some credit, they've decided to make something illegal and have introduced penalties to make fairly certain that most people don't test it. I mean if they introduced similar penalties out here for things like using a phone whilst driving or driving unlicenced you'd find a lot less people doing it.
  4. There has been a voluntary 100ps euro limit for some time, about the only manufacturer that tried to comply was BMW... and after a while they basically said 'why should we be the only one and stopped'.
  5. e.g. VTR1000F - acceleration out of corners that puts many 130hp bikes to shame.
  6. Absolutely. In practical real-world riding a good spread of power and torque is preferable to peaky high-end horsepower at most times. Horsepower is only torque with it's brains bashed out.
  7. Yeah there's a limit on power but no limit on torque - sales of big v-twins might start increasing in France.
  8. True.... Although, it's nice to know that terrifying top-end rush is just a twist away...
  9. I think the original article is probably this one
  10. Re: From the "And you think the Victorian Government is

    You mean these's more to Netrider than the Forum pages :p
  11. this is leading to a subject thats probably best kept quiet .................. as you are all well aware ... bored dumbarsed beuracrat... is likely to be sitting here dreaming up some new legislation.. and soon enough you will be riding 100 hp r1,s and gsxr 1000,s........... and if you think it will never happen remember back to gtr xu2,s and phase 4 falcons that never made it to the roads ........... if the government will do that to drivers .... they wont give a piss into the wind about riders
  12. Then again cars these days have more horsepower than the 1970's GTHO's & XU-2's would ever dream of having but the cars now have traction control & ABS making them safer & easier to drive so maybe it will force the manufacturers to introduce some of these to make bike riding safer.

    How many off's would be prevented if bikes had something as simple as ABS fitted as standard. Don't try and use the cost excuse either as if it's standard across the board then the costs are only a couple of hundred bucks per bike, if that.
  13. most BMW,s do ... and even the FJ 1200 yamaha had them as an option.... riders shuned them
  14. Same happened with cars but as soon as they became standard people learned to accept it.

    I know my last two cars have had ABS and I've only had the pedal kick back a couple of times in the last 5 years of ABS driving and the hardest thing to do is learn not to release the pedal when you get the kick from it.

    If you get the chance try out ABS on wet grass, great way to get a foot massage and sends the ABS computer nuts in the process :p
  15. Going on the number of Morse-code skimarks you see spearing off into roadside bushes without so much as an attempt at steering taking place being in evidence, the answer to that would probably be... bugger-all. The technology does nothing if it doesn't snap the pilot out of their shock at having lost control.

    What's more, calling ABS "simple" is something of a simplification in itself.
  16. which cars did that happen on? i used the ABS on my commodore a couple of times and didnt feel any kick back :?
  17. [quote="Androo
    which cars did that happen on? i used the ABS on my commodore a couple of times and didnt feel any kick back :?[/quote]

    If you don't feel a "grating" sensation back through the pedal then the ABS isn't active; ie. your tyres aren't losing grip.

    I'm forever having the ABS kick in on me. Probably more to do with driving style, and having tyres and brakes on a V8 that really aren't up to the task.

    A couple of mates have BMWs with ABS. They swear by it and have actually had it save their arses once or twice.

    Of course, there is the school of thought that such safety devices instil a false sense of confidence in the rider/driver which then encourages them to take greater risks and hence get themselves into situations where ABS and any other number of safety devices are pretty well useless to them.
  18. Thats the best thing I've heard of in years. 100hp is plenty. Bring it on. Might even get rid of most of the tools out on thier 180hp rocket ships wobbling all over the road in the twisties & trying to break the land speed record on the freeways :LOL: :LOL:
  19. You certainly didnt use your abs if you didnt feel the pedal pulsate. The commodore has certainly got a pulse when the the abs kicks in. Most of the euro cars are pretty advanced and dont quite give you a pulsating pedal.