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From Scooter to CBR in a week

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lextsy, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    I just thought id share my story with you guys so I can offer some n00bs a different point of view and also get some feedback

    A few weeks ago I saw a cheap scooter for sale. Remembering how fun they were in thailand I wanted to buy it. Unfortunately it sold so I went out and bought a 2006 Yahama Cygnus 125cc.

    This was awesome to ride around so I thought id go and get my L's.

    Within a week i was booked in for a manual L course.

    I loved the CBF250s so much I had to go and buy a manual bike.
    I picked up a 96 CBR250RR with 30k on the clock for 3k off a friend.

    I cannot believe how much better riding a bike is than a scooter. I mean the scooter is fun but the bike is awesome.

    Also i strongly believe the scooter feels alot more loose and out of control on the road compared to the CBR.

    Anyway im putting my scooter up for sale if anyone is interested in the for sale section and would love to hear from anyone who has gone from scooter to bike within such a short space. (1 week)
  2. er, no, I think that might be some sort of record. So welcome to the big-wheeled world of Netrider :).
  3. Scooters are definately different to ride than a bike..

    Why dont you keep your scooter, i am sure you will use it as well as the bike. I love my 14, and although i only just bought the Nexus, i am liking it very much for my shopping trolley so to speak.. :LOL:
  4. So it only took you a week to figure out your not the latte sipping girly man you thought you were. :LOL: Well Done
  5. I ride a scooter and an R1.

    No comparison, but the scooter beat it in dense city traffic.

    Plus no one will lift a scooter in the back of a truck while you're at work!

    These machines all have thier uses.
  6. Having ridden both a 125cc scoot and cbr600rr in Thailand I actually had much more fun on the scooter because of all those tight sois and relatively slow moving traffic everywhere. Here in Australia I would take the big bike anyday. I think it just depends on application really.
  7. I have been riding Kwaka Sports bikes since 1995.

    I was in London , Paris and Rome in Oct to Dec 2006 and saw how easy they filtered thru very heavy traffic and came back and bought a scooter a Honda Today 50 then I traded it in a few months later for a Honda Lead 100 in March 07.

    The fastest I had the Lead was 85kmh going down Olivers Hill in Frankston but I thought the wheels were going to fall off.

    As some have said scooters have their advantages over normal bikes and I save my Ninja 900 for weekend fangs.

    That said my Lead died on me and is back at Honda so I may offload it and buy a Sach Madass 125.
  8. I have a friend who regularly does that :)
    A girl friend.
    Well actually a middle aged short woman friend
    On her pushbike :)
  9. ^^^ respect - on a pushie :eek: