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From Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chazpowers, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    This is sort of a re introduction as I've been a member on here for 10 years but last 6 or so inactive due to other commitments etc etc etc
    During that 10 years I've been on CBR600f then moved to a gsxr1000 and turned the cbr into a dedicated track bike and did a lot of track days then bought a WR450F and got into enduro while still having road bikes in the shed slowly I ended up biikeless for about 12months worst time of my life hahahah

    Got back on a GSXR1000 at the start of the year and I'm back in my happy place again though a lot of my road mates have moved on or had families or moved away, the other night my Girlfriend ( on a z800) and I were cruising around Newcastle beaches etc at 9 oclock at night and I realised how much I used to love hanging out with like minded individuals and just loving our bikes !!

    Keen to get back into a biker network in Newcastle where we can grow relationships , weekends on bikes, nights on bikes days on bikes, is there any regulars in Newcastle or regular meetings no B.S. just ride and be happy !!!
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  2. G'day and welcome (back), ChazChaz. There are a few Novocastrian and central coast riders here and you can probably see some of them on the new User Map.
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  3. Welcome..
    Cruising round the Newcastle beaches, eh? There's a rite of passage if ever there was one....
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  4. welcome back :)
  5. Welcome and welcome back :cool:

    Quite a few riders around the Newcastle area :)
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  6. Welcome from a fellow Novocastrian
  7. Welcome back to NR.
  8. welcome back to the forum.
  9. gday chazpowerschazpowers welcome back to NR! I also joined in 2006 (you joined 5 days before me) but went dormant for some time. it is very good to be back, I'm sure you will agree.
  10. Welcome back to NR..
  11. Welcome. Fellow Novocastrian here — occasionally I even do the beach cruise. ;) Some of the Sydney group rides do head up this way (Wollombi, Putty, etc.) so keep an eye on the announcements forum for details as they come to hand.
  12. Thanks for the Re.welcome everyone I do see there are a lot of Newcastle members but by a quick search they don't seem to be to active on the riding side of things as there have been no meetings or ride comments since last years toy run !!!!
    Is there any one that meets regularly, rides regularly or is keen to do weekend runs, beach cruises for a beer or coffee and weekends away ? Like the good old days there used to be a good group of us who now and then would get a few learners tag along and gain some experience and knowledge from others ?
  13. Hi Chaz, most of the Newie riders usually hookup with our Southern brethren for rides. I'm keen to do some local rides, beaches, up the valley etc (my avatar is a photo I took the other week from King Edward Park on a beach ride). Let me know.
  14. So seeing as there's no regular meets or rides in Newcastle ( according to the search function) yet I keep hearing theres lots of members in Newcastle
    whats the process or rules on organising a meet and great and then proposing rides ?
    I love a run up the old road as much as any one but Newcastle has soooo many great places to ride away from busy traffic and radar guns etc like Booral to Wooton way, to Gloucester across to Nabiac to Forster, out to Dungog then across to Salisbury etc . I even remember back in the early days of netrider organising a weekend away to gingers creek with about 15 other riders for a great night and weekend, I even remember organising short rides and if the weather was bad we would still meet up for a beer and a chat.... Maybe the good old days have gone, but if there is interest from the "so many Newcastle members" I'm happy to push for local rides and meets, but if not Ill just close my notebook and shut up :(
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  15. Chaz, you would normally post up in the Ride and Events Announcement forum. This allows people to "sign up" to the ride or meet. Also some groups have regular coffee nights etc.
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  16. Thanks Valvoline appreciate it
  17. Hey Chaz, I'm on the Central Coast and there is a couple of bike nights happening from time to time. Harrys 'cafe bike night, I think it's tomorrow night (Saturday) on the Newcastle foreshore and Eat Street cafe at Gosford waterfront has one once a month too. Both are all bikes and all invited. These both have facebook pages too. I've been to both once, great night.
  18. Yeah I've seen these mate looks to be great turnouts , been trying to get to one but they are always the weekends I have my young bloke !!!!