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From Melbourne (VIC) To Naples(ITA)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by NTony, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,
    I'm planning to go back home by motorcycle.
    I've got 1 year to plan everything as i would like to leave Oz in March next year.
    I have a 2010 ninja 250 with just 15000km on the clock.
    I know, it may seems like a 250 cc would not be enough for such a long ride, but i believe i can do it.
    I went to phillip island, and i did the great ocean road. They are quite small trips, but still we are talking about 400km.
    The bike run good at a constant speed of 110km/h. I don't think that i will need to go faster than that.
    I started already saving as i'm planning to leave with at least $20k.
    I was looking at the maps, and the shortest way is through Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and so on... I don't really want to. XD
    My idea is to travel up to the northern territory and take a boat to indonesia, ride all the way up in the north sumatra region and take a boat to kuala lumpur in Malasya. Ride all the way up to thailand, than going east to cambodia then vietnam in ho chi minh city. then ride on the coast of vietnam up to Hanoi. From there going back to the west throu Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India all the way to New Dheli.
    Then the idea is to go through te Kashmir region, then Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazahkhstan and then Russia up to Moscow.
    This leg scares me a bit. Looking on google maps there are no streets that go "straight" up and i don't really want to go back and forth crossing borders every day.
    From Moscow it's kind of easy, i definitely want to pass through lithuania and poland to visit some friends, than germany, swiss and italy.
    It' is roughly 30,000km.
    If i do in average 300km a day it will take me 3 months. i considered 300 km a day as i may be driving 700km in two or tre days and then stay in one place for the rest of the week.
    I've considered that i will need to change two or three sets of tyres. I wil need to service the motorcycle every 5000 km.
    I'm actually thinking that i will need some mechanical knowledge, just in case. But a mechanic school will be too expensive for me.
    Another "issue" will be the petrol. I can easily do 400 km with a full tank, but i think that having an extra tank of petrol will be good.

    Any comment and recommendation will be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

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    It's a great, glorious plan. There will be many obstacles to overcome but nothing is impossible.
    I think it will be difficult to get to Central Asia from Kashmir without flying but I agree it is better than the alterntive.
    Please let us know how your preparations and the trip are going.
  3. Wow..great plan. But as above.

    No way out of Kashmir except flying. And flying out of India will have a lot of red tape involved so be prepared for anything.

    And the road via Pakistan is also full of issues so...

    But let us know, what you plan to do?
  4. I suppose there is also the possibility of skirting around the middle east via a boat out of India or somewhere, if you cannot or don't want to fly. China would be interesting but the cost of vehicle permits is enormous.
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    Check out the Postman - he did it on a Postie bike, so a 250 is possible, if not exactly a GS1200 adventure.

    Check out Charlie Boormans DVD series By Any Means (series 1 - UK to Sydney overland) for some route planning tips. I think they originally wanted to go through Pakistan /kyber pass but that was a no go zone a few years ago, and I don't think it's any better now. They had to break their land and sea only when the china- Tibet border closed and flew from Kathmandu. By Any Means was overland and sea via various forms of transport, but had a few moto sections.

    Their rough route was UK> France, Italy, Croatia, Balkans, turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Dubai, India, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia.

    An ex melb abc radio host did the same trip with his son in a 4wd and wrote a book about it.

    So a few things to google for tips.

    Good luck with the prep and the big trip. It's on my bucket list - can you kinda tell ;)

    Edited: to add links
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  6. Check out Charlie Boorman and Ewan MacGregors trips in Asia - think it's called "the long way round" (yes found link http://www.longwayround.com) but some of the roads in the -stahns are atrocious and barely passable on fully kitted out BMW GS's. They made hardly any km per day. So I would think you'd really need to research the road surfaces in that part of the world not only to see if your bike would actually make it, but adjust your daily km rate way down for those areas.

    Sounds like a great plan though, look forward to reading how you go!
  7. Sounds like a very ambitious plan - go for it.

    Check out Aussies Overland - a Melbourne couple who have done a few round the world trips and are currently on one now.

    Carnet for the bike, visa's etc are probably the most important and from what I hear frustrating parts of planning a trip such as this.