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From Lycra to Leather

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by NZ121, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Hi there everyone, new to riding (been on my L's for a month), loving it so far. I've been a push-bike commuter for the last 5 years (The Lycra sort) so I guess 2-wheel transport is my thing.

    I've been lurking around the forums for some time and thought I'd finally say hi and participate.

  2. Welcome from another leather and lycra type person! 2 wheels is certainly the best way to go - using an engine or your legs.
  3. If it has no engine, i have no interest.

    Oh, welcome btw ......... and why have you got a pic of Tony Robbins on your profile?
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  4. Welcome, do you find yourself wanting to pedal at 100 kph ?
  5. Welcome, having been a Lycra wearer there is a certain initiation penance you have to pay to enter into the hallowed halls of motorcycling. It usually involves a day with one of our members Uncle Greg and a pointy stick. :)

    As you are in Adelaide you may have to wait until he is traveling in that area again. ;) Narrow escape if you ask me.
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    Ha, that made me laugh :) I know it's pretty cheesy, I'm at work so it's the only picture I had (Besides one with my daughter in it, and... no offence, not yet ready to have her picture in a public forum)

    The 250 feels like it's going to bust itself apart at 90kph, so 100kph is a pipe dream unless going downhill, with a tailwind! (I'm 6'2" and about 113kg)

    Thanks for the welcome everyone..

    So let me get this straight, Uncle Greg and his pointy stick would like to spend a day with me, and it has something to do with me in Lycra! :eek:

    Thanks for the welcome!

  7. You haven't met Uncle Greg yet :rofl:
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