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From L's to P's to Full

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aaahhh, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, first rode a bike on a farm in 1993, then a few times when travelling OS so not a lot of experience. I got my L's Nov 2010 and P's in April 2011, due for my full licence in April 2012. I have been riding a VTR 250 and have been contemplating an upgrade when I get my full. When I first started riding my upgrade was a supersport then as I gained more knowledge and experience it was a sport tourer 600 or 800 now as I am even more knowledgeable and experienced I am leaning towards a CB400 for a while before I take to riding a bigger bike. It feels like a sensible progression for me. Has anyone had a similar experience or taken a similar route from l's to settling for their ideal bike?

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  2. im sure many has gone this route............................the excitement of getting the biggest, fastest, meanest supersports being replaced by getting a bike that fits the rider properly and the type of riding.
  3. yep, I'm at the final progression.. a cruiser :)
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  4. haha i am not quite there yet, but i planned mine out:

    first was a 250 2smoker,

    2nd was a 250 i4

    current is a 600 SS

    next will be a relatively comfy triumph street triple or z1000,

    then a drz400 or some sort of motard

    then a vtwin sportsbike honda sp 1 or sp 2

    a retirement village rocking chair

    finally if i live long enough i'll take the cruiser
  5. you can buy a lot of bike for the same price as a cb400.
    so of you are of restrictions don't buy a cb400.
  6. My bike progression is whats in my signature... although the poor GS850 never really got a proper ride and was sold as a running project. Had the same kind of pre-licence experience (bikes on the farm) but probably a bit more often.

    I'd heavily suggest that you think about what you actually want and use your bike for: freeway trips, around town, travelling or commuting. All will dictate what bike (or bikes) you end up with.

    Example: My current bikes (see signature) are based on two criteria. The Thou is for freeway and sports riding, at which it excels. Long distance travelling is also a breeze for it. The XR is for around town and shorter trips, although long trips with lots of twisties are a hoot. Its also quite good for the adveture riding type thing and general offroad. Between the two I have a good mix of almost any riding style bar dedicated trackday supersports riding (Thou is a tad heavy).

    If you are off restrictions or near it I would suggest test riding any bike that takes your fancy. I bought my CBR1000F from a testride I had 6 months prior, which led to me buying the Suzuki GSX! They really can make an impression on you, and you won't really know how a bike is until you ride it.

    My suggestion for a testride is about a half-hour loop (or at least 15min if the dealers are picky) that covers some town work, cruising at speed (80~110kmh) and tight sports type riding. Also try and park it once or twice. After that you should have a reasonable feel for the bike. I would also advise against spending 10k for a first 'open class' bike - you can get a lot of bike for that money, including good stuff like newish VFR800's, late model supersports, slightly older 1000cc Superbikes, and any manner of adventure tourers. I have yet to spend more than 3k onroad for any of my bikes, mind you I don't mind getting my hands dirty.

    Cheers - boingk
  7. I'd be surprised if anyone actually settles on their ideal bike long term. What I mean is that the ideal bike depends on your wants and needs at the time.

    My advice is to test ride everything that interests you and buy the one you like the most. Don't worry too much about excess power, modern bikes come with a device that allows you to control how much power is used and how hard it is applied.
  8. Sound advice, thanks guys. Looks like a few weeks of test riding then make a decision is the way to go.
  9. A LOT of newly unrestricted riders go for the biggest thing they can afford.

    My progression was a VTR250 --> 650ER6n.

    During the upgrade process I tested all likes of bikes:
    -My mates '09 R1 (not that I even considered it but a ride was on offer :D)

    I settled on a bike that I commute on everyday and is a "slow" bike which is fun to ride fast.

    From my list, other than the FZ6n (which is possibly the worst bike I have ever ridden) they are all fast bikes which only come alive > 150km in 1st or 2nd and no license left........they are great bikes - but they make no sense...........well not to me anyway

    Just my 2C
  10. MT1 has a good point. CB400s are nice, but they are expensive due to their demand as a LAMS bike. I took a similar route to bitsar, an SV650. Both the SV and ER6n have lams versions, but the unrestricted bikes are plenty for an intermediate rider and still more than capable for the experienced on the road.
  11. ^ As above - and cheap too........keeping it on the road (IE insurance and servicing) on these relatively simple twins keeps cost down.