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From L's to P's...how long did you wait?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marie, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. How long did you wait on your L's before going for your P's?

  2. got my p's the day my l's expired
  3. went straight for them as soon as i could.... which ended up having to renew my L's (I got some po-po attention...), and then got my P's. Took about a year.

    (edited for clarification)
  4. 12 Months
  5. 10 months and counting. Will probably go sometime in the 4th quarter.
  6. lol...I'm waiting the required 3 months. Am busting to get my P's!
  7. My learner's was expiring Sept 25, 2010. Talk about leaving it to the last minute lol.
  8. I was planning on a long time between my L's and P's but it turned out that I went for my P's in the week following my three month L's stint.

    There was no real reason for me to stay on my L's and it meant that the ridiculous and dangerous restrictions for NSW L and P riders when it comes to highway speeds would be gone as soon as possible.

    Fun Ha!
  9. lol...lucky you were able to book in!

    I'd hate to have to start from scratch again!
  10. 3 days after I could... why wait?
  11. Laziness was my excuse :-s
  12. 3 months to the day.

    To be funny though, there were 2 blokes that were on my learners course with me for the P's test(Which, because I'm old, meant straight onto Full's).
  13. I was in VIC when I got my bike license.

    So little time after I was elligable to take the P's test that the gentleman at HART had to check his watch to make sure enough seconds had passed. XD

    3 months to the day, precisely. (Already had a full car license for a few years.
  14. I sat on my Ls for just under 4 months, because i personally decided i wasnt ready earlier.
    I injured my ankle badly 2 weeks after i got my bike and my Ls, leaving me off it for about 6 weeks just after i had finally got it :p. (edit: Was work related, not bike caused ;).)
    Therefore, i was happy to spend a bit more time on the Ls until i was comfortable and more confident.
  15. about 14 years for me. initially had to put it aside as i had no-one to ride with me (qld law) then had to ice it again when i became a dad, finally everything fell into place for me to do q-ride, by then i'd had my car license a fair while so i went straight to opens for bike. but with lams restriction for a year
  16. 3 months for me.

    Desperately wanted my P's ASAP so I could start the countdown to the upgrade bike after a year on P's....
  17. Once you get them, what will be your restrictions?

    By the way, I waited the obligatory 3months. I had about 8000kms clocked up by then though.... and an skills course....
  18. You might be aware that Victoria are considering a new revised graduated license system... which if it gets through will most likely eventually get rolled out to other states, and one of the proposals is that EVERY rider, irrespective of existing license situation, will go through the full L, P1 and P2 staged arrangement, restricted to LAMS's for the whole time. That's 12months minimum on L's and 3 years minimum on provisional licenses... LAMS for AT LEAST 4 years.

    You can bet the other licensing committees are looking closely with interest.
  19. ....can't remember :|
    ..but i do remember i went for them with a broken leg.
  20. ...Well I hope it doesn't happen within the next 2.5 months!!.... 'cos I am hanging to get onto the 600!!.... :-k