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from cb250 to vfr/vrf 400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. just like to share my experience today,

    i've been riding my cb250 and today had a chance to ride my mates vfr/vrf 400(forgot which it is).

    this bike blew me away! its the only other bike i've ridden and i was amazed at the difference. of course i expected the 400 to be much better but really its like the difference between a daihatsu charade and a porsche!! :LOL: :LOL:

    of course ALOT more power, ease of power delivery from the throttle, better brakes, feather light gear changes, ALOT less wind buffeting, confidence inspiring and a S#(*load more fun!!! :LOL: :LOL: plus the sound!!....awesome screamer!!

    strange thing is i bought the cb250 to give me more confidence and ease of riding but after jumping on the 400 i found that much easier and alot more confidence inspiring! now to sell my cb!

    after riding this i can start to understand why you guys all love your sports bikes....

    and since this bike blew me away.......i can't even to begin to imagine what a 600 or litre bike would do!!
  2. hhmmmmmm I wonder how much I could sell the 600 for and get a 900.........?
  3. Less toy-like. Coming off a CB250, you'd probably find anything bigger than a 400 intimidating due to either the amount of power on tap, physical size and/or the more ponderous low- and medium-speed handling.
  4. After riding one of these bikes a few years ago, it left me wanting one badly too. Compared to any 250, they are far easier to ride, and it has enough power to keep me interested for a long time, if not forever.

    Definately a confidence-inspiring bike, and the low down torque of the V4 (relative to its capacity of course!) is truly suprising the first time you jump on. The linear drive of the engine makes it easy, even for newbies (the RVF400 is LAM's approved, the VFR400 just misses out).

    Congrats for getting your first taste of a quality bike on one of these beauts!
  5. Roarer's epic journey he posted last month was on one of these 400s, he said he had FUN!!!
  6. yeah, 400s are great fun :D

    i can imagine what you felt would be similar to when i went from the bandit250 to the thundercat, just fuggin amazing eh :wink:

    and yeah, its suprising how much faster you gain confidence and learn on a bike that can accelerate and brake reasonably. slower does not mean easier to ride by any means eh
  7. As has been stated in other threads, I see no reason why a rider coming off restrictions shouldn't be able t safely and efficiently operate a larger bike.

    Bigger bikes do things more easily. Instead of having to concentrate on wringing the last little bit of performance you can out of a 250, you can concentrate on developing your riding skills because the bike is doing so much of the work for you.

    More relaxed, better "planted" on the road, more feeling of assurance and confidence.

    Glad you enjoyed it so much, livinsgtonest
  8. yeah thanks for your comments guys, i just had to share that with you!

    putting power aside, the thing i loved was the handling. when i turn with my cb250 it takes alotta concentration to figure out if its holding the line/wavering/what the heck is it gonna do in my head....although i am used to it. but on the 400 you think it and it'll do it! its truely amazing!

    anyhow my friend has quit riding cause he had a highside few months ago and doesn't trust himself. he really does ride fast and take corners fast on it he says he can't help himself so wants to get rid of it before he really hurts himself.

    i'm alot tamer than he is so i'd love that bike. i may buy it off him or if other netriders would like it i'll post it up later. not sure if i wanna spend the $ for it even though its a top bike.

    its got 30,000km in good condition.
  9. For about a week.
  10. Dunno about that. I seem to have gone full circle & ended up nearly back where I started. And yes, I have ridden & owned everything from 500's, 600's, 750's, 1000's & the odd one in between :D
  11. Well, if he doesn't want ten grand for it...