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From Blackbird to Virago and back

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. I had an opportunity to make my aqaintance with a brand spanking new Virago today, and thought my personal notes might come in handy for other riders in a similar situation as mine.

    Notes as follows :

    Bagging it from Traffic Lights.

    When taking off from traffic lights, do NOT simply reach up and out with your legs to meet the pegs, regardless of how many times you've looked at the peg position before riding off.
    Doing so results in both feet missing said pegs, planting firmly on the road around about when you need to change to 2nd gear. This forces the legs abruptly rearward and behind you, forcing the upper torso forward in a lunge similar to that of a poll-vaulting launch. This upper body lunge forces the throttle shut, further enhancing the body slam as your chest hits the tank, resulting in the ape-hanger handlebars passing back behind your helmet! In first gear with your legs out behind you, it's important to remember that truck you filtered out in front of which is probably about to run you over. :shock:

    To correctly mount the Virago on take-off, it is important to throw ones legs WAAAAAY forward at full reach, and THEN down onto the pegs. Just as long as you hook the pegs with your ankles somehow! (you can worry about proper foot position later, as the engine will happily run along in 1st gear valve-bouncing at maximum revs until you get sorted) :grin:

    Riding along...

    DON'T WORRY!..these bikes are designed to be ridden in the "laying on the couch watching tv" position.. If you start to see the sky...it's your head lolling back - simply wake up, and lean forward until you can see the road again. :shock:


    DO NOT!...repeat...DO NOT use counter-steering. Instead, pretend that you are driving a car. Any attempt at counter steering will be your first attempt at doing a U-turn inside 10ft at 80k's per hour - And pulling those kinds of "G's" will have you blacking out... :shock:


    Virago's DO stop!, although I was'nt brave enough to find out how long it takes...
    From my limited time on the bike, it is fair to say that one should not REACH for the ground to plant ones feet at stopping, since the ground is only a few inches away from your a#se. Instead pretend you are sitting on the ground and bring ones knees up to ones chest, and then lower the legs carefully...Failure to execute this correctly will result in another pole-vaulting - dive forward onto the tank as your legs go flying past you again. (Hopefully that same truck is'nt still behind you)


    Simple...DON'T TRY IT!...
    Try to ride in a straight line everywhere you go...life will be soooo much less complicated..

    End Notes...

    Virago pilots MUST be a tough bunch...call me a girly-boy, but I'm just gonna have to stick with my Blackbird...I just can't handle the Virago. :shock:

    (Don't be offended if you ride a Virago...this was just MY own personal experience and does not reflect the experiences of others.)

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I could'nt resist poking a little fun.

  2. Oh that is all so true :LOL: :LOL:

    Now try riding said Virago be it her old 250 or her newer 1100 :twisted:
    and jumping straight from that onto your VTR :shock: NOW that is a story to be told .......... NOT !! ( But she got a kick outa watching me trying to readjust )

    :LOL: :LOL:
  3. My dad said if I came riding home on a 250 cruiser like a Virago or similar he would disown me.

    No wonder Rosie wants to get a VTR250 and do away with her Virago! :LOL:

    The above quote says it all! :grin:
  4. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    I haven't had the experience of a Virago yet. I sat on one once and wondered how in the world you ride it!
  5. Oi! Not you too!!


    It's a good bike for newbs!

    My response:

    Riding along...

    I liked this position at first - although I do believe you've slightly exaggerated it :LOL: - but now I can't stand it. I also feel 'vulnerable' and less in control of the bike by sitting so upright..and as a result tend to lean forward - especially when it comes to cornering.....


    You can corner on a virago, at a nice speed as well :p :p Just gotta be aware of your lean angle. Too much lean and the pegs will likely scrape and upset the bike. It's not like we can hang our arse off the seat to get around a corner but for example, you can put your body weight onto left buttock and drop your left elbow and shoulder going into a left hand turn whilst trying to keep the bike as upright as possible.
    I played with the above technique last weekend and had some fantastic results - they being 'no scraped pegs!!!' and some pretty happy riding....woohoo!

    Of course, it all depends on the corner. The virago loves nice big fat round corners and the occasional tighter corner...but give it a hairpin bend and I advise you stick to the speed limit and take that corner nice and slow. :)

    Stookie has proof that this bike can actually go around corners - has a photo of me taking it through one at a nice speed and a nice lean. haha. Will post the photo up for you Raven. :p


    Mastering this on a virago comes wtih time and practice....like anything really.

    Counter Steering...

    Hey! I counter steer! It's fun counter steering the virago - going around those loverly big sweepers on the Murray River rd with the bike at a safe lean angle..looking where I want to go...giving the bars that constant gentle push. Freakin awesome feeling!

    So why am I getting rid of it?

    I feel I've really gotten to know this bike. It's gonna be a shame to let it go, but to be quite honest it shites me to tears. Main reasons are cornering/riding position/lack of power when I want to overtake-go up hills/and cornering.

    Raven - :p :p :p :LOL: :LOL:
  6. OMG John :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: THAT has got to be the funniest read I have read for sometime!! Absooooolutely brilliant & I can sooooo relate to so many aspects of it !
  7. Me on one leaning virago!! :cool: (Thanks Stookie!) :grin:

  8. Love the riding position, head location and lean angle Rosie.

    The report on the Virago was funny though!

    Dimi took her Virago round Tassie for 12 days, rode the wheels off it and we was only ever slightly behind us. I followed it at 130kmh and decided to have a ride myself. OMG, the feet position! The brakes! And doing a U-Turn on a narrow road. Dimi offered to do a swap, somehow I managed to resist.
  9. OMG Rosie, you so need a sports bike...

    something of the 4pot variety :grin: wiiieeeeeeiiiiieeeeeieieieiei
  10. Let it RIP!, Rosie. :grin:
    Yeah...you need a better bike - ready to step up to another level for sure, Rosie.
    Looking good!. :grin:
  11. I had a bit of a spin on Garou's Hyo Aquila, and the statments about peg position and arm chair riding I can so relate to. It was like stearing a bus.

    Though getting back on the ZZR after that was a bit strange as well, I really had to be consious of leaning in properly for a little while before it became natural again.
  12. cejay said:
    Oh yeah - the thing can be ridden that's for sure. Once you get to know it, you can start to play and have a bit of fun on it. :grin: See what it's capable of.


    im.on.it - :LOL: Not gonna happen. :twisted:

    Raven - :) :) :grin:
  13. Admittedly it's not the best bike for cornering, but taking it easy around the hills of the Strzelecki ranges (of which I live in the LaTrobe Valley foothills of) is wonderful!

    I assume you're talking about cornering above the speed limit? ;-P
  14. I took dim's bike for a long spin when I was without my own... getting onto the bolte the first time almost ended in tears.


    I had to lean off and hang off to make it. LOL

    That was fun.

    The virago can take off from lights with the best of them... after that though, you're either a cruiser rider or not... I'm definitely not!

    Good solid bike though.

    Thanks for the laugh John... 'specially the sleeping bit!! LOL
  15. ps great pic Rosie. Get thee on a sportsbike STAT!!!
  16. Does a VTR250 count? :grin: :grin: :grin: :dance:
  17. nice rosie
    i get my vtr 250 in tuesday CAN'T wait :D
    raven- there a trick with a foot pegs put the rear set down give that raceing stance but you still can't change gears
  18. Hey Blodders - congrats!! I'm picking mine up on Tuesday too :grin: What yr is yours? Color?
  19. 2000
    it red with a whiite frame... like a reverse ducati monster

    SOOOOO exited i've been with out a bike for 3 months ....

    signed the conract on saturday i sware the moment i signed, the clouds roll in and all that beautiful riding weather came to an end...... Arrgh but it won't stop me :)

    what did you end up getting
  20. Sounds very very cool...make sure you post some photos up of it. :grin:

    I ended up buying new - got an 07 model - red. Megacycle exhaust is going on atm and heated grips, oggy knobs and ventura rack will follow soon.

    Enjoy your ride - 3 mths hey?? :( Stuff that! :!: Have a freakin ball!!! (A safe freakin ball though okay!) ;)