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From Bandit to Hornet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Envy-t, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. It's been a month since I picked up my new bike, so I thought I would share.
    I lowsided my trusty old 93 Bandit 250 and the ins. co wrote it off as it was a grey import and deemed to exxy to repair. So I picked up this nice little 250 banger for 300 bux more than my ins payout! 3400 bux and I netted a pretty good deal me thinks. It has a custom twin exhaust that is loud at 10k to say the least and a braided front line. Few scratches etc from a stationary drop, but no dents. Also came with 11 months reg and RWC. :grin:


    It's alot more comfortable to ride than the old Bandit too.
    Oh and it's insured for 4800 too :cool:

  2. sweeeeet
    enjoy your new ride
  3. we can still see u behind the bike :grin: :grin:

    looks like u are hiding
  4. Nice one buddy! Enjoy the riding upright position gives you! :p
  5. lol @ the mirror
  6. Nice :)

    Who's laying rubber in the driveway :LOL:
  7. It's getting ripped up soon, so it was me in the nasty lurking XR6T in the background lmao. The neighbours loved it not. Just out of piture there is a nice patch that would have had the firies round if I continued it!
  8. Congrats! and great choice mate.
    Love the twin pipes

    .. was thinking the same thing :p
  9. Does it have more power than the bandit?
  10. are those conti tyres? like the tread
  11. Is it just me? Does no one else think that windscreen thingy looks ugly?

    Take it off imo.
  12. Nice colour - I was tempted by the blue when I was looking at my CB400.

    Be interested to hear what you think of it after a bit of riding.. :)