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From a noob...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jimmythehuman, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. ...Just went out on the Saturday morning stroll down the peninsula to Rye that i have been trying to get in each weakend, nothing fast, just trying to keep smooth and safe.

    Well i learned something today that maybe useful to other noobs.

    When you read all the stuff people have written about learning to ride, you will always see a bit that says " in corners, keep your head UP, look through the turn and NOT at the road in front of your tyre" Its something you really need to rember to do.

    I was doing this when i first bought the bike, but since have fallen into the habit of watching the road in front of the bike for some reason, and my cornering was crapola.

    Today i forced myself through a few turns to look up and through the turn, after the 3rd one it felt so smooth and natural , i re rode all the rode i have just ridden and did every corners 3 times quicker and above all smoother than before.

    One last thing i did which really felt great, and was a tip from this forum, was to place my feet on the pegs just below the ball of my feet, instead of right up against the heel - seems to give me a better position on the bikes ( a little more forward/over the bars) and a little bit better feel of the bike.

    Anyway these 2 things seems to have made the world of difference to my day out

    Hope it helps another noob :) Hope i haven’t got it wrong. :)

  2. ...

    As far as I know: the only time you shouldn't have the balls of your feet on the pegs is when you are resting (like going straight ahead on a highway).

    Otherwise you always ride with the balls of your feet on the pegs, literally so you can stand up on them if you like, which you might like to try to make sure your feet are in the right place. Should be able to stand straight up on the balls of your feet on the pegs. (Pegs not slight behind them, peg ON them, or them on pegs as case may be).
  3. Hornets help you ride better anyway :p

    I never ride with the balls of my feet on the pegs, because you are not ready to assist in braking with the back brake, and you are not ready to change gear if you need to......
  4. As per Hornet - I never ride with the balls of my feet on the pegs, my arches are usually on the pegs. This is a good position for me as I can brake and change up/down quickly. The soles on my boots are solid enough to stand up on the pegs and not hurt the arches of my feet.
  5. Yeah this si where my feet are, just behind the balls, so i can still reach the brake and gears. But not like when you ride a horse and have your heeel hard against it, which is what i was doing.

    Went out again this morning, and found myself looking down in the cornber again, forced myself to look up and was breezing nice and smoothly (not all that fast) though the corners, felt very nice, felt like i could go faster. I am gonna keep practising getting this smooth as before i put any speed on.
  6. I notced this, plus it makes you look about 50 x cooler than almost everyone else :)